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Characteristics of screw chillers

Screw water chiller is semi-enclosed twin-screw compressor as the core, on the carrier of refrigerants, refrigeration to air or water as the cold source, to release heat by refrigeration cycle load side to the cold source, thus for refrigeration cooling load side; Air-cooled aircrew heating air as heat source, through the refrigeration cycle of the heat source to heat extraction back to the load side are released, which was carried out on the load side heating temperature of the central air conditioning host;

screw water chiller units by way of oil return is differential pressure oil return, do not need to use external oil pump, reduce the oil supply system failure rate; Compressor adopts advanced to higher oil screen, filter oil rate is as high as 99. 7%, maximum limit to ensure the compressor oil return;

screw water chiller units in order to better separate the frozen oil and industrial ice machine, low temperature chiller external centrifugal oil separator efficiently, can greatly reduce the retention due to low temperature in evaporator frozen oil, ensure the safety of the compressor lubrication system as well as to improve the heat transfer effect of the evaporator,

precise design aluminum pieces is apart from the screw chiller, maximum reduce frost. Fully combined with comprehensive analysis and judgment time, temperature and pressure, truly on-demand defrost, and each defrost completely, extend the defrosting interval.

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