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Characteristics of brine ice maker and requirements for brine


   Brine ice is an indirect cooling system. In the traditional brine ice making pool, the evaporator brine pool and the ice making brine pool are combined into one ice making pool, and the two are separated by a partition. The brine is used to circulate the brine in the two brine pools by using a brine agitator. The bucket is placed in the ice-making salt basin. Let me introduce you to the characteristics of the salt water ice machine and the content of the salt water requirements. Welcome everyone to read!

Characteristics of salt water ice maker:

  1. Titanium tube as an evaporator, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, service life Long; and improve the heat exchange effect.

  2. The part in the salt water pool that is in contact with the salt water is welded by PE plastic, which is resistant to low temperature and corrosion.

  3. Special design of ice inverted rack and ice melting tank, easy to operate.

  4. The refrigerator is heated by the exhaust heat of the compressor, which is more economical and is especially suitable for areas with low ambient temperature.

  5. The size of the salt water block ice machine and the ice block can be customized according to the requirements of different customers.

The salt water ice maker requires salt water:

   determination of temperature

  1) The salt water temperature t1t1 directly affects the freezing speed and ice quality. If T1 is lowered, the icing speed will be faster, but the evaporation temperature requirement is lower, and the refrigeration coefficient will be lowered; the increase of T1 is not conducive to the heat exchange between the salt water and the ice bucket, and the icing speed will slow down. Generally, T1 is -10°C.

  2) The temperature difference T2 between the brine temperature and the evaporation temperature can accelerate the heat exchange between the brine and the refrigerant, which is beneficial to the cooling of the brine, but as T2 increases, The evaporation temperature will decrease, resulting in an increase in the unit power consumption of the compressor. Therefore, the difference between the evaporation temperature and the brine temperature is 5°C.

  3) The freezing temperature of salt water must ensure that the salt water does not freeze at low temperatures in order to keep the salt water circulating in the ice making pool. If the freezing temperature of the brine is close to the evaporation temperature, the brine is in danger of freezing. However, if the freezing temperature of the brine is too low, the power consumption of the agitator will increase due to the increase in the concentration of the brine. Therefore, the freezing temperature of brine is generally 6~8°C, which is lower than the evaporation temperature.

   Thank you for reading. The above is an introduction to the characteristics of the brine cbfi ice machine and the requirements for the brine. Part of the content comes from the Internet and is for reference only. If you want to know more about the details of the salt water ice machine, please call for detailed inquiry, and we will be happy to help you.

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