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Ceramic inkjet machine with cold water machine equipment

Due to the ceramic ink-jet printer ( Such as SG1024 series nozzle) The nozzle has the high working voltage and higher printing frequency, easy to cause the nozzle control board in use process produce a lot of heat, and the normal work of the board encapsulated electronic components on has the strict temperature requirements. And traditional method is to use air cooling, natural cooling, the cooling efficiency, and not to monitor the board temperature, not find fault in time.

the emergence of the cold water machine, its application in ceramic ink-jet printer cooling, has simple structure, good heat dissipation effect, the advantages of real-time monitoring. Nozzle control boards in the working process of the heat exchange, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the cooling system at the same time, timely find problems and solve, the continuous and stable work of the nozzle control board, improve the efficiency of the machine running.

by setting the cold water machine, water diversion, radiator, water bus parts, use of the radiator heat absorption nozzle control card board, at the same time, the use of the temperature of the heat radiator temperature sensor for real-time monitoring of its cooling effect, and the cooling temperature sensor and cooler while maintaining signal connection of controller can be real-time monitoring and running state of the cooler, radiator and improve equipment stability and efficiency.

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