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Centrifugal industrial cold water machine the compressor capacity control ( 3)

Centrifugal industrial cold water machine referred to as 'centrifugal industrial ice machine, the efficient control of partial load used in the more recent approach is to use variable speed compressors, and variable speed motor drive the speed by the frequency change, the energy consumption of the centrifuge relation with compressor rotate speed, temperature difference are decreased when the load or the system work, reduce the speed can save energy consumption, a large number of variable speed drive can realize the infinite unloading, it can achieve lower than the inlet guide vane control way of unloading. Inlet guide vane control way to uninstall is usually over 50%, so the centrifuge generally provide VSD combined with inlet guide vane control mode of discharge, in order to realize the working condition of wide range of effective control, and a lot of energy saving, particular way is: under the condition of the inlet guide vane fully open, reduced work when the system temperature, rotation speed reduced, straight to a predetermined minimum values, when the load down further, the inlet guide vane began to turn down, due to the compressor speed up at the same time, must be pointed out that this combination control requires sophisticated controller and adjustable drive structure, advanced control always is closely connected with the excellent compressor technology, aviation high-speed support technologies applied in centrifuge, is machine size miniaturization.

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