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Centrifugal compressor of chiller ( A)

Using centrifugal compressor of industrial ice machine ( A) :

centrifugal compressor using the effect of the centrifugal force of industrial ice machine in the refrigerant from the system of bottom side to the high side pressure. It's like a big fan to produce differential pressure, the industrial ice machine from the bottom side of the compressor pressure to the high side pressure. Despite the pressure caused by the centrifugal what meaning is not big, but some manufacturers of centrifugal compressor for high pressure cold water system. Centrifugal compressor can cope with large flow rate of refrigerant. To form differential pressure in high pressure system of the evaporator and condenser, centrifugal fan, often with the help of the gearing up for a large speed, or adopt the method of multistage compression pressure. Used in direct drive reciprocating, spiral type conventional motor speed and rotor compressor for around 300 RPM. When there is a high speed centrifugal compressor need, need to adopt gear box motor out the speed of the shaft to the centrifugal compressor set the desired speed, some single stage centrifugal compressor speed is often up to 30000 RPM.

when the exhaust pressure is too high or low evaporator pressure, centrifugal compressor will not be able to overcome the pressure difference, the end can only stop mercury. Motor and compressor is still running, but the refrigerant can't from the bottom side of the system pressure to the high side pressure, the centrifugal compressors can produce great whistlers, this phenomenon is called & other; Surge & throughout; 。 Although the noise is very strong, but it usually will not cause harm to the compressor and motor, unless it could be thrust bearing surface or growth injury or damage to the gear box.

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