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Centrifugal compressor of chiller ( 5)

When water industrial ice machine in the cold water temperature is higher than the design temperature condition, such as a building's water industrial ice machine in very hot temperatures start Monday morning, the compressor motor will under the conditions of overload operation, to return to the cold water to the temperature there could be as high as 75 ℉, rather than the return water temperature of 55 ℉ design. Cold water machine control panel has a known as the load limiter controller, it can automatically detect the current of the motor, and the guide blade plate slightly closed, limit current of compressor within the full load current value. When the controller to complete the control step, the speed of the compressor motor and rise to the rated speed, the control system is back to normal state, the guide vane plate open to corresponding position required by the system. The compressor starts, diversion night shift can be completely sealed, not be open, until the motor speed to rise to the rated speed. Therefore, centrifugal compressor can start under unloading condition, thus greatly reduce the power consumption when to start the compressor.

centrifugal compressor are fully enclosed and outside drive type. Totally enclosed compressor can use industrial ice machine cooled motor. The motor can be the industrial ice machine self-love the free flow of motor shell. The drive motor system, using the outside using cooled air in the room to the motor. Because of the high power motor exhaust heat is very big, so the room must be set exhaust ventilation equipment.

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