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Centrifugal compressor of chiller ( 4)

Centrifugal compressor water chillers lubrication system is a whole sealing system, do not want its lubricating oil and the refrigerant mixed, but to like reciprocating, screw compressor for separation and recovery. If the lubricating oil into the industrial ice machine, because leave only steam evaporator. After the refrigerant in the evaporator is filled with lubricating oil, the evaporator heat transfer effect will be greatly reduced. Filled with industrial ice machine must adopt the method of fractional oil to lubricating oil out. Manufacturers as much as possible the general idea is separation between the two.

the capacity of the centrifugal compressor control generally by means of the impeller inlet guide vane. The deflector for pie in the shape of a device, usually and decorated in a circular manner, all blades can shake at the same time, it can be either a full flow, can also reduce traffic, according to the flow deflector opening, into the steam flow of the impeller can generally be dropped to 15% 20%. Here also guide plate also have another function, namely the refrigerant into the impeller, adjust the air flow direction, to make it consistent with the direction of rotation of the impeller, thus guide impeller is also often called prerotation. Guide vane plate is usually controlled by the electronic circuit of motor or pneumatic motor control, when it is to the inlet guide blade plate signs of a compressed air drive motor, guide plate bias certain Angle. A 1000 tons cold water industrial ice machine can be 150 tons, or 200 tons to 1000 tons of cold cold cold, within the limits of capacity in any capacity of a state run. Guide vane plate also has the function of the other two - - To prevent state, start the motor, motor overload and low capacity to reduce motor starting current.

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