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Centrifugal compressor of chiller ( 3)

Centrifugal compressor of industrial ice machine ( 3)

in order to prevent the liquid industrial ice machine in the system downtime automatically migrated to the oil storage room, lubrication system is generally in the oil chamber is equipped with a heater. This heater can generally keep oil chamber temperature at about 140 ℉, if not the heater, the lubricating oil in the oil chamber will soon cold. Even the heater running, there will still be migrated to a storage room, a small amount of industrial ice machine and the compressor starts, lubricating oil may within a few minutes after launch quickly formed a large number of bubbles. The operator should pay attention to the storage time indoor situation, and make the compressor running under low load condition, until the bubble of lubricating oil to reduce and disappear. Gas bubble lubricating oil containing liquid refrigerant, after heated, this part of the refrigerant liquid will evaporate, so only when the oil in the refrigerant evaporates, good lubrication effect can be attained.

water industrial ice machine is running, lubricating oil in the process of lubrication of operation components will also be part of heat absorption from the bearing. , so that the bearing cooling. If lubricating oil will not be cool, lubricating oil will overheat, therefore, the system line will also include a cooler. Normally is the lubricating oil storage room through the filter to the cooler in the heat exchanger, using part of heat water or refrigerant from the eduction in lubricating oil. The oil cooler can be from temperature of about 140 ℉ - when you travel About 160 ℉ lubricating oil cooling to 120 ℉, it can be the next to absorb part of the heat in the process of lubrication.

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