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Centrifugal compressor of chiller ( 2)

Centrifugal compressor of industrial ice machine ( 2)

to receive the high speed of centrifugal compressor, configuration growth gearbox after additional resistance is bound to bring the whole system, because this part to overcome resistance. Gear box generally has two gears, drive wheels is bigger, passive wheel is small, so the passive wheel speed increase.

centrifugal compressor impeller clearance is small. Parts have to be very closely together, otherwise the refrigerant from the compressor high pressure side of the gap in the flow to the bottom side.

centrifugal compressor with separate motor and oil and lubrication of mercury. This motor for three-phase low-power television ( Generally for 1/4 HP) And installed in the tank. It from the mercury industrial ice machine and oil are in a state of the environment temperature. Three-phase motor, because it does not need to like single motor need to have a built-in start switch. Such a motor can make the oil manufacturers in centrifugal compressor motor start before the start of mercury, and set up before the start of the compressor and the gearbox run effective lubrication state. This control method can make the oil of mercury in the unit is closed, rundown, centrifugal compressor impeller slide gear box at the stage of slow down the process of oil supply, in order to prevent the damage of bearing and gear. Oil general for variable volume of gear oil mercury mercury, to send bearing net oil pressure generally about 15 psig, if a centrifugal compressor with upper oil chamber, then the gear oil mercury will be sent to the oil lubricating oil indoor, even if power failure, gear box slide in the process of reduction, lubricating oil can still flow to the bearing its own gravity. Oil there are so many ways to decorate, but lubricating oil must be asia-europe accidentally enough pressure to reach the farthest bearing, and there is enough pressure through the bearing.

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