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Centrifugal chillers energy regulation

Host of centrifugal chillers is a centrifugal compressor, it is different from the current mass production of volumetric refrigeration compressor, which belongs to the speed type compressor. Due to the mechanical flow is continuous, and its flow is much bigger than volumetric machinery. In order to produce effective momentum transfer, the rotation speed must be very high. Commonly used in the large capacity of refrigeration unit.

the compressor capacity adjustment, driven by frequency conversion compressor, with linear power adjustment feature. Partial load is still highly efficient and can cut starting current impact to the below 2 a, signals from the compressor controller depends on the output power, voltage and phase, frequency converter to adjust motor speed, in the case of power failure of compressor and can be in regular the suspended state, and parking, in condensation temperature and heat load drop, compressor speed is reduced, fell to 30% from 100% of the rated load capacity adjustment, within the scope of the compressor has the best efficiency. Because in this range voltage speed change continuously, can realize the infinite adjustment.

compressor is built into the inlet guide vane and guide vane combined adjustment and variable speed adjustment, further adjust the compressor capacity, under the condition of lower load remains compressor performance is good, so, in the broad range of load optimization of energy consumption of the compressor.

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