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Centrifugal chiller startup procedure

Centrifugal industrial ice machine startup into daily start, seasonal unit start unit.

1, daily units start

( 1) Check the industrial ice machine, cooling water pump starter in & other; Start & throughout; Or & other; Automatic & throughout; State

( 2) Check the cooling water tower in & other; Start & throughout; Or & other; Automatic & throughout; State

( 3) Check the tank oil level, oil level must be visible on the low sight glasses, and is not higher than high endoscopic middle

( 4) Check the tank oil level, usually in the unit before the oil temperature is 50 to 55 degrees.

note: compressor oil heater should remain open, when stop the machine when the unit operation or, when the oil temperature heating oil heater to be shut down.

( 5) Check the chilled water outlet temperature setting, if necessary can be readjusted.

2, seasonal unit start

( 1) Close all drain valves and tighten plug on evaporator and condenser water tank

( 2) According to the auxiliary equipment manufacturers start/maintenance instructions start operating corresponding equipment

( 3) The cooling towers and cooling system pipe air emptying and filling water

( 4) All air must be after emptying the condensing water tank and exhaust valve shut

( 5) Open all valves of water industrial ice machine evaporator system

( 6) After flashing evaporator water evaporator and the air refrigerating system must be empty, and irrigation, when all the air is emptying after the evaporator water tank and exhaust valve shut

( 7) Check the adjustment and test each safety and operation control point

( 8) Close all isolating switch

note: to prevent casualty caused by electric shock or contact with moving parts, in the measurement, adjustment, or other and executive power should be careful while operating steps.
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