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Centrifugal chiller shutdown shutdown procedure

Centrifugal industrial ice machine shutdown stop program is divided into daily shutdown of the unit, the seasonal light machine unit.

1, daily shutdown of the unit

( 1) According to the & other; Stop & throughout; The button

( 2) After the compressor shut down, turn off the water pump contactor or disconnect the pump isolation switch

2, seasonal unit shutdown

( 1) According to the & other; Stop & throughout; The button

( 3) After the compressor shut down, in the frozen water pump on the ark of the start will be frozen water pump to turn off ( Or by assembling device specially used for cutting frozen water will flow cut off)

( 4) Disconnect all isolating switch

warning: to avoid because of electric shock caused casualties or contact with moving parts, must be careful when power on operation

( 5) Open the condenser tank vent and drain plug to let the water in the condenser

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