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Centrifugal chiller installation environment requirements

Centrifugal industrial ice machine installation environment need to pay attention to the following points:

( 1) The unit should avoid close to the fire and flammable and explosive. If the heating element, such as boiler installation together, pay attention to the influence of thermal radiation.

( 2) Had better choose below 45 degrees at room temperature, ventilated smooth, environment relative humidity should be under 90%, do not allow the outdoor or outdoor installation and storage.

( 3) With the selected in dust less places ( Dust is easy to cause of centrifugal industrial ice machine electrical fault) 。

( 4) Site should be daylighting is good, in order to facilitate maintenance and inspection.

( 5) In order to meet - maintenance, repair and cleaning the evaporator The demand of the condenser heat exchange tube, must leave enough space around the unit.

( 6) Unit for easy lifting and maintenance, should install the crane or derrick crane, and to ensure that the height of the room to have enough.

( 7) And around the entire room should have good drainage system.

( 8) Avoid direct sunlight.

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