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Centrifugal chiller energy adjustment way

Is a large centrifugal industrial ice machine cold water machine equipment, named for its for centrifugal compressor. Centrifugal industrial ice machine energy regulation mode: in centrifugal water chillers, hot gas bypass the purpose is to maintain a minimum refrigeration gases, or under low load operation stability, and can't afford to its defect is recycle industrial ice machine refrigeration, hot gas bypass valve opening the cold water supply temperature control, the difference in temperature reaction load case, when the load falling approaching surge condition, bypass valve to open, to avoid surge.

is an alternative control scheme according to the inlet guide vane opening control hot gas bypass valve, when the inlet guide vane closure to a fixed, no matter how condensation temperature, hot gas bypass valve is open, this leads to a hot gas bypass valve opens faster than needed, is larger than needed, optimization control shall be deemed, cooling water temperature changes only if there is a need to open the hot gas bypass valve.

centrifugal compressor inlet guide vane mode can make uninstall until 50% of capacity. If I want to continue to unload to lower again, will enable the hot gas bypass system, so as to avoid the machine surge. Damaged centrifugal compressor surge is an unstable running condition, caused by cooling flow rate is too low, the surge is speed type compressor characteristics inherent in a problem.

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