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Centrifugal chiller compressor energy regulation ( 4)

Centrifugal industrial ice machine is a large industrial water chillers, it is to press the bearing the main technical characteristics, adopted the advanced technology of magnetic bearing, radial and axial magnetic bearing, the compressor is suspended, so completely avoid the conventional high friction loss of oil lubrication bearing, lubricating oil management and control.

by two of the radial and axial bearing a magnetic bearing system and numerical control makes the movement of the compressor parts remain suspended in the process of spinning, each magnetic bearing positioning sensor for motor rotor is as high as 6 million beats per minute, real-time, can maintain precise control of motor speed.

the other adopts high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, input pulse width modulation voltage, motor coordinated with high frequency operation, compact can ensure the efficiency of high speed, and can be soft start. Motor cooling spray industrial ice machine liquid cooling motor, compressor internal CNC electronic devices, magnetic bearing can control and speed control, the controller can also provide the monitoring function, monitor the compressor operation, and for the peripheral control related to network monitoring provides comprehensive unit performance and the reliability of the information, in addition, the built-in digital electronic control equipment can also offer usually chiller into or roof control panel of the unit with the control function, thus saving the cost of equipment.

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