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Centrifugal chiller centrifugal compressor is introduced

Centrifugal industrial ice machine is a kind of refrigerating capacity larger cold water machine, usually by a single stage compression, unless the stand-alone refrigerating capacity (particularly large For example, more than 4500 kw) , or deliberately pursue the efficiency of the compressor to use level 2 or 3 stage compression. Single stage centrifugal compressor by import adjusting device, impeller, diffuser and volute chamber; Multistage centrifugal compressor in addition to the last stage, at every level and corner behind the diffuser and return, in order to lead the airflow into the next level. Figure 4. 15 shows the typical structure of centrifugal compressor.

due to centrifugal industrial ice machine in the practical use of some special requirements, make the centrifugal compressor in structure has some features:

1) centrifugal industrial ice machine adopt the molecular weight of industrial ice machine are big, the speed of sound is low, in the compressor flow Mach number M is higher ( Especially in the relative speed of the impeller import Mach number and the absolute speed of the impeller outlet Mach number generally reach subsonic or transonic) , which requires special attention to the air distribution in the impeller configuration, avoid or reduce airflow shock loss in leaf were in turn, at the same time to adapt to changes in industrial ice machine gas volume flow within the impeller great characteristics.
2. Cold water machine in be used actually, because of the climate and the change of heat load, the refrigerating capacity of the need to change a lot, and in the cooling load changes, the unit efficiency is as high as possible. As a manufacturer, to the series of products of different specifications, hope parts generalization degree is higher, the better. For centrifugal compressor, the impeller outlet Angle is small, the compressor performance curve is flat, the adiabatic efficiency is higher, can also reduce caused by using the same volute chamber matching misconduct and low efficiency, is beneficial to operation.
(3) centrifugal compressor is through the rotation of the impeller blade elbow refrigerant vapor to do work and to improve the pressure. However, as previously mentioned, the molecular weight of refrigerant vapor generally is very big, the speed of sound is very low, if the need in order to improve the steam energy head, the arrangement of leaf number of impeller is overmuch, the thickness of the blade will reduce impeller flow area of imports, make impeller import air velocity is very high, import Mach number reach or exceed the speed of sound, cause a sharp drop in efficiency. For this, for the blade outlet Angle is greater than 40 degrees, inlet diameter is small, often using long and short blade, solve the necessary energy head and the effect of the contradiction between, the effect is very obvious.
(4) in order to improve the strength of the impeller wheel, especially in order to eliminate the healthy groove root stress concentration on fatigue damage because of the open and stop, developed in recent years, the impeller and shaft connected with three screws, such as friction coupling torque is way, make the impeller reliable operation.
5. Multistage compressor generally adopt multiple throttling, the gas in the middle of the form. This structure has the advantage that can improve the circulation efficiency and energy saving, for low temperature ( Evaporation temperature under 0 ℃) Centrifugal refrigeration units can also be used a variety of evaporation temperature, it is suitable in some of the technological process.
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