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CBFI Organized 2 days of Beach Vacation


From Spring to Autumn, from sowing to harvest, in order to thank all the staff of CBFI for their hard work and further encourage the team, at 8:30 in the morning of September 21, the sun was soft and bright, the air temperature was moderate, and the staff took the happy bus to Hailing Island two-day beach trip.

The morning trip was a little tired, and it was unpleasant to encounter traffic jams. However, the blue sky, the clear sea, the fine sand, the slight sea breeze, this beautiful autumn seascape, will instantly conquer our people. Everyone is happy to play in the sea, surfing, taking a motorboat to feel the thrill of the sea, or walking on the beach to enjoy the peace and ease, to ease the fatigue of life. After the end of the game, the family of the Ice Spring took a big photo and fixed the happiness and became a good memory.

CBFI-Cbfi Organized 2 Days Of Beach Vacation

After enjoying the seafood dinner, the evening is a free time. You can buy local specialty products, enjoy the sea breeze at night by the sea, or join the campfire, beach KTV, beach racing and other activities to release the young passion. Enjoy a good night.

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The next day, folks got up early to watch the sunrise on the sea and enjoy a rare sight. Red sunrise sea, sun spray colorful light rays. The golden waves rolled up and fell, rendering the beach into a golden avenue.

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Enjoy the beauty of the sea and look forward to the magnificent sea. After enjoying the local characteristics, folks can't wait to board the ship into the sea. Being in the endless sea, I feel my own smallness. I feel the depth of the world by feeling my own smallness. Understand the vastness of the world, and stimulate the pride of struggle.

The history of CBFI is the history of struggle. Since its inception in 2004, CBFI has driven the rise of an industry. 15 years is not short for a person, but for the staff who aims to shape a century-old enterprise and make world-class ice machines, it is just starting. In the face of an endless world, we lament the vastness of the world and the passion of struggle.

The same road, but no longer boring, carefully recall this trip, the ice spring family help each other, unite and love. While relaxing and relieving stress, it broadens the horizon and enhances cohesiveness and belonging. The two-day sea tour of Hailing Island was over, and the journey of the ship named CBFI was just beginning. CBFI, dedicated to the idea of Customers Benefit From Icesource and being a world-class ice machine brand.