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CBFI joined in the 6th Guangzhou International Fishery Expo 2020

CBFI joined in the 6th Guangzhou International Fishery Expo 2020


Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd has been the designated sponsor of icefall for three consecutive years.

From September 24 to September 26, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd was again presented in the 6th Guangzhou International Fishery Expo 2020. Since 2017, Incesource has been designated as the star sponsor of the International Fishery Expo for three consecutive years, providing ice to all exhibitors who need to keep fresh throughout the exhibition.




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Through strict audit, guangzhou international fishing fair organizing committee experts agreed that the Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. in the ice-making equipment industry influence is bigger, outstanding performance, social response, and in recognition of Guangzhou Icesource for many years as an international fishery exhibiton outstanding contribution, for CBFI outstanding contribution, for the Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. awarded “best sponsors””BBS” the third session of the pear l river delta cold-chain logistics development interstellar sponsors””second prize of cold chain logistics in guangdong province star enterprise”.




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In this exhibition, industrial ice making equipments, such as tube ice machine, ice flake machine,etc., are displayed. At the same time, the LCCPconcept of low-temperture clean and comfortable food processing industry, which ensures the hygiene, quality and safety of food from the source and improves the comfort of the working environment. The exhibition equipment has been recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts, and many customers have expressed their clear procurement needs. Many customers are willing to come to the factory for further investigation and visit.



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In 2019, Guangzhou ranked first in the total output of aquatic products, the number of aquatic seedlings and the output value of fishery feed. The total economic output value of the fishery industry reached 362.5 billion yuan, up 5% year-on -year; the total output of aquatic products reached 8.664 million tons, up 2.84% year-on -year, ranking first in China. The export volume of aquatic products reached 578,000 tons and reached US $3.205 billion.

Year-on-year declines of 4.32% and 10.65%. It has 1,034 aquatic product processing enterprises, among which 168 are large-scale aquatic product processing enterprises, with aquatic product processing capacity of 2.345 million tons, 90 aquatic product wholesale markets, and the aquatic product trading volume of 5.7 million tons.

Guangzhou has formed a new pattern of modern fishery development with production development, high-quality products, peace and harmony. The annual consumption of aquatic products in Guangzhou is more than 7 million tons, and the per capita consumption of aquatic products ranks the first in China. Aquatic products have become an indispensable and important food in the life of people in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou Icesource Co. (trademark CBFI), large freon refrigeration ice-making equipment industry pioneer, is a company based on domestic and facing the world, set large edible ice making equipment, large industrial ice making equipment, high-end commercial ice machine, complete set of ice making system, cold storage and cold storage engineering research and development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service in the integration of innovative entrepreneur high-tech enterprises, is a large ice making and cold storage engineering solution provider. The main products are all kinds of ice making equipment (direct cooling block ice machine, ice block machine, tube ice machine, cube ice machine, ball ice machine, pure ice machine and fully automatic food ice factory, etc.), all kinds of cold storage and cold storage projects, related supporting equipment, etc. Products are widely used in food, fishery, retail, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, chemical, medical, construction, mineral and other industries cooling, storage, preservation and other fields.