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CBFI durable cold room freezer vendor for ice machines
  • CBFI durable cold room freezer vendor for ice machines
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CBFI durable cold room freezer vendor for ice machines

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Company Advantages
1. CBFI room freezer is designed based on user demand.
2. CBFI believes that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.
3. Quality assurance procedure is carried out to improve the quality of this product.
4. The product is used in many applications for its quick discharging ability. It is especially useful when there is in need of power source temporarily.

CBFI JD Series Blast Freezer For Food Processing And Preservation

Low-temperature quick-freezing is the key to long-term high-quality preservation of food. Rapid cooling can make food quickly pass through the ice crystal formation zone, prevent the formation of large ice crystals in food cells, avoid damage to the cell wall, and perfectly maintain the original quality and taste of the food. The temperature of the quick-freezer is generally -15 ° C ~ -35 ° C. It is mainly used for low temperature and rapid freezing of food, medicine, medicine and other items. Cooling down quickly and the preservation effect is good.

Product Features

  • ◪    Avoid generating large ice crystals between cells

  • ◪    Reduce intracellular water analysis, less juice loss during thawing

  • ◪   The concentration of solute and food tissue inside the cell tissue, the time of contact between the colloid and various components is significantly shortened, and the harm of concentration is reduced to a minimum.

  • ◪  Rapidly reduce the food to the temperature of microbial growth, which is beneficial to resist the growth of microorganisms and its biochemical reactions.

  • ◪   The short stay time of food in freezing equipment is beneficial to improve the utilization rate and continuous production of equipment.

  • ◪   The Blast Freezer is customized based on the weigh of meat and the ideal freezing time.

Advantages of Blast Freezer

Fish and Meat cold room is used for long-term meat products preservation. The temperature is below -18. Under certain environment, meat will last for much longer. CBFI fish and meat cold room is able to cool down the temperature in a short time. Meat will be frozen quickly, thus its freshness is kept properly.   

Product Details

Cold Room Panel

There are three kinds of surface material for chosen, stainless steel, aluminium plate and color steel. The price are different, so you may choose it based on your requirement and budget.

CBFI-Manufacturer Of Blast Freezer Cbfi Jd Series Blast Freezer For Food
CBFI-Manufacturer Of Blast Freezer Cbfi Jd Series Blast Freezer For Food-1
CBFI-Manufacturer Of Blast Freezer Cbfi Jd Series Blast Freezer For Food-2


Intelligent Cold Room Unit for Mini Blast Freezer

This is special designed for kitchen, the ability is 50 kg every 4 hrs. It is good at freezing meat and making ice.

CBFI-Manufacturer Of Blast Freezer Cbfi Jd Series Blast Freezer For Food-3

CBFI-Manufacturer Of Blast Freezer Cbfi Jd Series Blast Freezer For Food-4

Open-type Cold Room Unit for Large Size Blast Freezer

Large blast freezer is always customized. You need to provide some key requirements, thus we could provide you with the suitable product.



Projects & Related Products

Company Features
1. As a grand exporter, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd has been focusing on production cold room freezer for many years.
2. Our manufacturing achievements have been recognized through a series of impressive awards. These awards are city advanced enterprises, county advanced enterprises and so on.
3. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our business. We have implemented an Integrity Management Plan that sets out the administrative structure and measures for integrity management. We aim to conduct our production while respecting environmental sustainability. We endeavor to reduce the impact of our own operations through careful selection of materials, reduction of power consumption and recycling.
Product Description
  • Fan assisted cooling system to achieve even inside temperature.

  • Inside adjustable temperature 2 ~ 8 °C for beverage.

  • Thick foam layer: effective insulation, insulation excellence.

  • CFC-free green gas R134a / R600a / R290a, no harm to ozone.

  • Exterior - heavy duty painted steel.

  • White painted aluminium interior, elegant.

  • Top light box design can create commercial opportunities and is good for advertisement.

  • Double layer hollow glass door,effectively reducing water condensation on glass.

  • Vertical LED light inside, full illumination for each layer, excellent for displa

  • Adjustable shelving.

  • Self-evaporation water tray, user friendly.

  • 4 strong casters, easy move .

  • With lock & key.

This Large capacity Customized supermatkt upright freezer/cooler cold room for drinks and fruits is the most popular size from our selection of single door upright coolers (we have from 200 to 1000 Liters). As creative refrigerated display is getting more important in limited sales space. We come up with different eye-catching beverage cooler designs to suit various promotional needs. For example, we use top quality of LED lights for light box and inside cabinet and it’s in full length.Acrylic light box design, high strength, high finish, good display effect; This nice illumination way will stand you out in the market and get more sales.



Large capacity Customized supermatkt upright freezer/cooler cold room for drinks and fruits




220V/50HZ   110V/60HZ



Temperature control 

Mechanical/Digital (option)

Cabinet Tem. °C


Refrigerant  (CFC-free)  gr


Defrost type

Manual defrost

Door Type 

Folding double glass door

External Dimension WxDxH (mm)


Packing Dimensions WxDxH  (mm)








  • Cabinet Color:White or Black

  • Cooling System

  • Internal air fan cycle

  • Shelf price tag

  • Sticker

  • According to the needs of customers custom light box advertising patterns( free )

VolumeModelCooling SystemDoor QuantityTemperatureSize (W*D*H)WeightLoading Qty
ProductNet / Gross20GP/40GP/40HQ
200LLC-200Static cooling10~10°C525*520*180040/45 kg52/104/125
(7.1 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(26.7"x20.5"x70.9" inch)(88.2 / 99.2 lbs)
300LLC-300Static cooling10~10°C600*540*203049/52 kg36/72/100
(10.6 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(23.6"x21.3"x79.9" inch)(108 / 114.6 lbs)
400LLC-400Static cooling10~10°C650*570*195055/60 kg27/54/75
(14.1 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(25.6"x22.4"x76.8" inch)(121.2 / 132.2 lbs)
460LLC-468Static cooling10~10°C730*660*212063/68 kg27/54/68
(16.2 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(28.7"x25.9"x83.5" inch)(138.9 / 149.9 lbs)
600LLC-600Static cooling20~10°C1000*570*208070/75 kg22/46/57
(21.2 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(39.3"x22.4"x81.9" inch)(154.3/ 165.3 lbs)
700LLC-700Static cooling20~10°C1200*570*208080/85 kg17/37/47
(24.7 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(47.2"x22.4"x81.9" inch)(176.3 / 187.3 lbs)
900LLC-900Static cooling30~10°C1500*570*2080100/105 kg12/24/33
(31.8 Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(59.1"x22.4"x81.9" inch)(220.5 / 231.5 lbs)
1000LLC-1000Static cooling30~10°C1800*570*2080118/125 kg12/25/25
(35.. Cu.Ft)(32 ~ 50°F)(70.9"x22.4"x81.9" inch)(260.1 / 275.6 lbs)


We provide 2 years warranty of product and shipment with 1% free parts will be provided.


Quality is always the first priority . With decades of years’ experience, now we’re confident and proud to offer all our clients with such special term: If any units break down and unrepairable (for example, internal leakage of evaporator), we will take full responsibilities and refund a brand new unit for FREE to our clients.


QC Team

Material: Strictly control of material using, meet international requested standards. Semi-finished products inspection: Product inspection before 100% finished. Such as Visual Inspection, Leak Testing, Comprehensive Safty Test and so on. Production line test: With work team or data engineer who will inspect machines and lines at fixed period. Finished Product Inspection: Quality and property test before products are packed and loaded.

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Product Comparison
CBFI has professional production workshops and great production technology. ice machine we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.Compared with other products in the industry, ice machine has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects.
Product Details
CBFI pursues perfection in every detail of ice crusher, so as to show quality excellence.CBFI insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture ice crusher. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.

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