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can ice maker be saved?

Question: I have a hot fridge of type C. T. F. 18 E.
It has a GE ice machine that now throws ice cubes in containers.
Is there a way to get the crazy cube back to normal?
A: assuming the temperature in the freezer is OK, the Ice Cube has just started to flip. I suspect that there may be a problem with the amount of water you enter the ice cube mold.
A partially blocked filter screen in the water supply valve to the CBFI ice makermay limit the flow of water.
The saddle valve installed in your pipe may also be blocked in the sediment or mineral part.
A good way to check if there is a proper amount of water in the Ice Cube mold is to check the water level in the mold after filling the cycle.
There should be enough water in the mold to fill every cavityquarter-Inch on top.
If you find that the water level is low, or you suddenly notice that the ice cubes become smaller than normal, then you need to remove and clean these valves, or replace them, to restore the cube to its original size.
To do this repair, you will need to get the repair manual for the GE/Hotpoint refrigerator and freezer.
You can call GE\'s National Parts Center (800)626-2002.
Latex paint works best on foam: can you tell me what kind of paint can I use to color foam without paint to eat materials?
I have a few foam plastic freezers that we use when traveling.
Although they are still white and clean inside, they look dirty and dirty.
I haven\'t found a new size that fits our car space yet.
A: You can use any kind of latex (water-soluble)paint.
Solvent in oil
The base paint may partially dissolve the foam and form a sticky surface that will not dry.
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