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By listening, asking and, comparing the Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-dried and dry!

Now in the market there are two types of cordyceps hay, one is traditional Chinese caterpillar fungus, dried naturally. There is a Chinese caterpillar fungus is lyophilization.
in the domestic wholesale market for some Chinese caterpillar fungus, you will find that sell these two kinds of medicine will give you two quite different answers, sell freeze-dried caterpillar fungus will say they adopt new technology, on the utmost retain the nutrients of caterpillar fungus, basic retain the original shape and color. Mean freeze-dried caterpillar fungus nutrition to greatly higher than that of natural dried cordyceps. And sell dried cordyceps would say, freeze and the grass is not good, have a plenty of made of artificial cultivation, said some more freeze-dried caterpillar fungus is fake grass. So both dried cordyceps which good, how do we to identify them? A, q

dried cordyceps: harvest of fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus directly through the traditional way of drying, the cordyceps reduce moisture at the same time, through the sunlight to kill Chinese caterpillar fungus itself attached part of mildew bacterium, thus saved.
freeze-dried cordyceps come from?
use the sublimation of physics principle, through the lyophilizer in - 30 ℃ to - 50 ℃ low temperature, vacuum freeze on the inside of the caterpillar fungus in advance without the melting of the ice water, directly in an ice sublimation, for water vapor is removed, so that the Chinese caterpillar fungus and dry.

traditional lyophilization process to avoid the dehydration technology of discoloration, large shrinkage, nutrient loss, after water some shortcomings, has to keep shape, color, good water complex, the advantages of light weight, low temperature storage, to preserve traditional medicine more than 98% of the nutrients.

fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus: just above the excavation of the cordyceps sinensis also with soil and high quality cordyceps sinensis should be complete. “ The insect body & throughout; Hypertrophy and fullness. External appearance yellow-bright infusion. Internal white, & other; Grass department & throughout; The shorter.
freeze-dried dried cordyceps compared Chinese caterpillar fungus, the same specifications, freeze-dried cordyceps size bigger more full, sensory larger than dried cordyceps to the two specifications, the more satisfied. Do Chinese caterpillar fungus slightly smaller volume, product would at slightly less. Smell

3 and fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus: just a groundbreaking new grass smell light, for a period of time after a strong aroma, similar to the mushrooms and fungus, aromatic taste.
freeze-dried caterpillar fungus is in low temperature drying and vacuum environment, retain the original smell.
dried cordyceps has different cordyceps red in fragrance, and according to the time after drying and the origin of a product, there is also has a certain difference in concentration. This is because the Chinese caterpillar fungus belonging to the bat moth larvae bodies and the compound of cordyceps sinensis, so they have mushroom xing sweet taste. ( Also have peers describe for slightly dry rot worm xing dry flavor and the fragrance of straw mushrooms) Of course if there is a pungent bad smell, it must be false cordyceps!
freeze-dried cutting Chinese caterpillar fungus, dry at low temperature, some of Chinese caterpillar fungus heat-sensitive and volatile component loss is very small. In the process of freeze-drying, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes to, so can keep the original character.
because under the conditions of low temperature freezing drying, so the volume is almost the same, to keep the original structure. After drying of material is porous, the sponge, add water after almost immediately restore the original character.
dried cordyceps, cordyceps after dried, length and thickness will shrink forty percent, after dry weight is less than half in front of the sun.

5 and summarizing freeze-dried Chinese caterpillar fungus and dried cordyceps which good? This dispute has been in the market is very big, more reports that last year someone freeze-dried caterpillar fungus has been on the market when caught selling fake goods. Small make up that the new technology for freeze-dried caterpillar fungus, we don't have to take it so bad, believe that everyone has their own evaluation standards. We think if it is to use authentic quality cordyceps sinensis to lyophilization, from the perspective of modern medicine, its nutritional value will not lower than dried cordyceps.
【 Here say influx 】 But as a result of the freeze-drying technology can get flat grass, bad grass freeze-dried, and it is difficult to see the place with bad quality. This kind of freeze-drying the nutritional value of Chinese caterpillar fungus is certainly not as good as natural dried cordyceps. When so consumer is buying Chinese caterpillar fungus to many heart.

here is the premise of cordyceps really! Whether it's dried, or freeze-dried! ! Its just traditional drying method and the difference between the drying technology of emerging science and technology, which can lead to their differences in the quality product. No true and false!

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