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Buying a snowflake ice machine is economical and affordable, so you can spend less money!


Summer is here. I believe that many shopkeepers are looking at the Snow , because the business is good in the summer. In addition to the number of customers, another very important indicator is ice production. So today, the editor of Bingquan will share with you, what should I pay attention to when buying a snowflake ice machine?

   What is the amount of ice produced per hour?   Generally, there are seven or eight grains of medium or thin ice in each cold drink. 300 cups a day, it is estimated that 100g ice × 300 cups u003d 30 kg of ice used.   And these ice are used up in 12 hours, which is your business hours.   So when you buy a machine, you can’t just look at the seller’s 24-hour ice production volume, but also calculate how much ice can be produced per hour.  The operating time of most stores is <12 hours, so it is very difficult to reach the nominal ice production (24 hours).  In fact, many old shopkeepers who have been in business for a long time understand that when buying a machine, they have to estimate the amount of ice produced in 12 hours.

   Knock on the blackboard and draw the key points.  Some shop owners asked, can’t I leave the machine on all night?   Of course, but there is another number that needs attention.   That is the ice storage capacity of this snowflake ice maker.   I went to take a picture, the level of photography is limited, everyone will just download it, that’s it.   There is a detection board in the Snowflake , which is the self-protection group of the machine for air transportation. As long as the detection board is pressed, ice making stops.   So the ice storage capacity of each machine is limited, this value should be paid attention to.    The effect of temperature on the amount of ice made    I don’t know if you have any experience like this. When you turn on the faucet in summer, the water is hot. If it is midsummer afternoon, the hottest time, you can take a hot bath with the water just coming out.   is the same for the snowflake ice maker. In the hot summer, there is often a big difference between the actual ice production and the ice production marked by the snowflake ice machine. According to the calculation data of Wanzhuo Kitchen Appliance Laboratory:   When the water temperature is 15℃ and the ambient temperature is 21℃, the water-cooled snowflake ice machine can produce ice 120 times per 24 hours;   When the water temperature is 30℃ and the ambient temperature is 40℃, the water-cooled type The snowflake ice machine can produce ice 90 times per 24 hours (water-cooled type);    As for the air-cooled type, because the air-cooled compressor is used, the feedback effect on the surrounding air temperature will be stronger.   Therefore, the above few lines of reference data should be well remembered, and the key points should be drawn!

   water-cooled snowflake ice machine and air-cooled snowflake ice machine, water-cooled and air-cooled here means compression The cooling method of the machine.  The refrigeration method of the Snowflake is to elevate the refrigerant from low pressure to high pressure, so that the heat is discharged from the low temperature environment to the high temperature environment. Since the snowflake cbfi ice machine works continuously, the compressor must be continuously cooled to ensure its working efficiency.   Knowing the working principle, let’s look at the compressor. The air-cooling method is to use a fan like the one shown in the figure below to cool the compressor.   Compared with water cooling, the air-cooled machine is mainly forced to suck the air to reach the compressor to dissipate heat. Air-cooled machines have slightly higher environmental requirements and are not suitable for places with narrow spaces and high temperature oil pollution.  The advantage is energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used if there is an air-conditioned shop indoors for air transportation.   In addition, many small models can only be air-cooled, not water-cooled. So when choosing a model, be sure to consider the layout of the store!

  Air-cooled snowflake cbfi ice machine with blue light  Water cooler mainly relies on the liquid to take away the heat from the compressor to achieve the condensation effect.  The water cooler is mainly silent, does not require the environment, and the ice production is more stable.   Incidentally, here, the water-cooled snowflake ice maker has two inlets: one inlet for ice making and one inlet for condensation.

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