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For cold water machine, look for the professional cold water machine manufacturers.

, is located in huangpu river, has excellent geographical environment, import and export in Shanghai, in the fierce competition have 7 years of the cold water machine production history. Rely on rich experience cold water machine production, cold water machine have been many successful cases, such as CSR, north car ( Large cold water machine) ; Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, tongji fudan laboratory ( Laboratory, cold water machine) ; Cold water machine sold to Africa, Europe, east Asia and other countries, and in 2009, cold water machine the normal and the Chinese space agency cooperation, cold water machine officially launch rockets into space, real let plug in the wings. Strong technical strength, the independent research and development, stable production line, ensure the quality. Buy cold water machine, look.

the application of cold water machine industry is very broad, it is very simple to the cold water machine the laboratory cold water machine, and industrial chillers. Learn lessons in the process of production, and according to customer requirements, continuous improvement, also formed its own characteristics. In the laboratory to large-scale production, cold water machine, are: spectral type cold water machine, cold water machine, rotary evaporation apparatus Industrial cold water machine, includes: the resistance to acid and alkali cold water machine, laser chillers, cooling water machine for plastic spraying, injection molding, cold water machine burst format cold water machine, etc. And according to the medium to distinguish, cold water machine can be divided into low temperature cold water machine and normal temperature cold water machine, water freezes at low temperature cold water machine can customer service problems; Under the continuous efforts, the low temperature cold water machine has reached 80 degrees below zero, can better play to the cold water machine the refrigeration effect. Buy cold water machine, please look.

when you search on the Internet, or through a friend recommended, click on the website, see the product, with contact, please clear your own needs, you want to know what you need to flow of cold water machine, water inlet temperature of cold water machine, cold water machine the temperature of the outlet, so refrigeration equipment engineer can very good service for you, help you choose the appropriate cold water machine.

to buy cold water machine, look.
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