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brisbane hospital ice machine tests positive for legionella pneumophila following patient diagnosis

It is reported that a patient tested positive for the deadly confetti, and the Queensland Health Department is testing the water supply at the Brisbane hospital.
The Wesley Hospital incident occurred after another incident on 2013, in which a person died after a bacterial-induced veteran\'s illness.
Terence Seymour, chief operating officer of United Health Care, said that the hospital\'s water supply has restored negative results from Legion bacteria in the past two years.
However, he said that an ice machine in the patient\'s Ward had returned positive results.
Other patients nearby were closely monitored by doctors.
\"It is not clear whether the patients in the ward have been exposed to ice machine, but this is under investigation,\" he said . \".
\"We are working closely with the health department of Queensland public health to identify the source of pollution.
It may take a few weeks.
\"Let me assure all patients, their families and our staff that we continue to be highly vigilant about water safety.
Mr. Seymour said that the infected patient had a \"severely complex medical condition\" and that he also left the hospital during the exposure.
\"There is no way to determine the source of the patient\'s infection,\" he said . \"
\"A comprehensive scientific investigation of the water supply system is under way to determine where it is possible to reach the Legion.
He said the hospital\'s ice machine was regularly repaired and the filter was replaced every three months.
\"As a precaution, all ice machine have been disconnected, disinfected, and all hoses and filters are being replaced,\" said Mr Seymour . \".
Dr. Jeannette Young, the state\'s chief health officer, said Metro North Public Health is working closely with staff at Wesley Hospital to carry out investigations and necessary tests. Topic: diseaseand-
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