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Brine chillers

Salt brine temperature industrial ice machine is ℃ low temperature cold in equal to 5 units. Usually used for some special production line in industry demand in low temperature. Salt water chiller can be done in general - at low temperature Around 50 ℃.

brine temperature low temperature cold water machine water group is due to the water temperature is low, on the design of unit, relative to conventional chiller have large differences. The basic difference between chilled water side, low temperature unit need to add the appropriate type, suitable concentration of antifreeze.

brine temperature cold water machine is for the pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage filling, food processing, photovoltaic and other special industries, and to develop design, temperature control range from 0 to 50 degrees below zero

low salt water unit, generally refers to the unit of the low water temperature of a new generation of low temperature freezing cold water machine.

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