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Rich\'s Names E. L.
The New England agent in Cooney, Ritchie\'s food service, announced the appointment of Ma. based E. L. Cooney, Inc.
As a representative of its New England food service broker. E. L.
John was replaced by Cooney.
Lutz, a full-time representative of Rich.
Lutz employees of former rich people, including sales and administrative staff, will also join cooney.
Established in 1952. L.
In addition to 12 \"in-house support sales\" staff, Kuni has more than 30 food service sales professionals.
For more information, please contact Bob Burke, Tel: 800-777-8887.
Haskel company once again built Haskel company in western Pennsylvania to obtain American frozen design
Construction works in West Deer Township, PA.
This 125,000-square-foot frozen food storage and distribution plant will provide explosive freezing and storage of frozen food.
This will be the largest cold storage facility in western Pennsylvania.
For more information, please contact Ron Vallort at 630-493-4282 or fax630-493-4360.
McCain began a massive expansion of the French fry factory in Argentina. Argentina will double the size of its Balcarcepotato processing plant for $68.
Expansion of 4 million.
At the beginning of December, a major processing building will begin construction, which will accommodate a new French fryline of 15 tons per hour, bringing the total capacity of the plant to 27 tons per hour.
\"This significant expansion of our Balcarce plant reflects the continued growth of our French fry business in South America,\" McCain President Harrison McCain noted . \".
\"This will enable us to continue to serve our customers effectively in the new millennium.
\"In addition to the new 12,600 m² processing building, the project also includes a 800 m² office expansion project.
The early stages of the project began work in October, including the construction of a new, ultra-modern, 2,800-square-foot potato receiving and grading facility.
Potatoes will be transported by growers to the factory and then to the processing plant after grading.
The McCain Argentina potato processing plant on Balcarce\'s 30-hectare land, about 80 kilometers from del Plata in March, was originally built in 1995 and officially completed in May 1996.
The factory serves retail and food service customers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.
For more information, please call 506-392-5541.
The best performing distribution center in Kentucky, the Millard refrigeration service, has been namedPillsbury\'s annual refrigeration distribution center for the fiscal year ended June 1999.
The award is awarded annually to the best performing distribution center pillpill products.
Millard refrigerated packaged food and music products on January, Servicesstarted, Raleigh.
In just six months, 1999 has risen to the top of the performance ladder.
The distribution center has 19 target categories including shipping accuracy, EDI timeliness, truck turnaround time, productivity, warehouse damage and OS & D.
\"This is a considerable achievement, especially given that millard did not start shipping until January,\" said Jeff Bradley, the Pillsbury manager at DC operations, at the awards ceremony at the plant.
\"There are a lot of facilities that want to receive this award and you should be very proud of your performance,\" Bradley added . \".
For more information, please contact Tom Dolfay at 402-896-6600.
Adult Percentage of catering service customers, 1998-
1999 Source: The National Restaurant Association food service market measures the strong performance of pork retail & the growth of pork retail advertising continues to grow, outperforming other species in the meat market by 10 in the first three quarters of 1999.
3%, 1 drop in beef.
3%, chicken down 7. 7%.
In the third quarter alone, pork shares increased by 15.
3%, while the beef fell by 3.
8%, 1 drop in chicken. 8%.
Source 1: Analysis of marketing advertising activities in Leemis, share of meat advertising, % Changeyear ago, (January-September 1999).
Source 2: World Agricultural Outlook Committee of the US Department of Agriculture, World Agricultural Supply and demand estimate ,(
Boneless wt in February 1998 and November 1999. equiv. ). (*)Prof.
University of Missouri, Glenn Grimes
Agricultural economy ,(Jan-Sept 1999 vs. year ago).
Food price rise 1999 for 1990s since the beginning of the lowest of 2000 consumers benefit in low inflation rate is expected to 1999 food price only rise 2%2.
5% in 2000, this was due in part to an adequate supply of meat.
Since the beginning of the 19 th century, food prices have not risen so low. -
When prices rise
2% and 2 in 1992. 2% in 1993.
Florida Agricultural Statistics Service (FASS releases revised Florida grapefruit estimates)FASS)
1999 of grapefruit production forecasts in the state have been revised
2000 boxes for 4 million season, from 50 million boxes to 46 million boxes.
FASS officials recently announced that they will investigate citrus forest losses caused by Hurricane Irene sweeping southern and central Florida and, if appropriate, adjust grapefruit estimates based on their findings.
FASS said that 4 million of the 2 million boxes were red grapefruit and 2 million white grapefruit.
\"This will eventually lead to a tightening of the market, which in turn will lead to higher prices for Florida grapefruit growers,\" said Andy Lavine, executive vice president of Citrus Mutual, Florida . \".
However, LaVine said he suspected that the revised estimate would affect the likelihood that consumers would get Florida grapefruit.
As mentioned earlier, FASS will wait until the Monthly Review of initial crop estimates in December 10 to make any revisions to orange crop forecasts.
Established in 1948 and headquartered in Lakeland, Florida Citrus Mutual aid is the largest citrus grower organization in the state with nearly members.
For more information, please contact Andy Lavigne or Wendy Bourland at: 941-682-1111.
Eppa\'99 tasting record successful Oriental perishable products Association tasting exhibition has proved to be one of the most successful exhibitions so far.
Last year\'s attendance was 18% higher than last year, and all exhibitors and attendees appreciated the good flow of traffic and the ease of movement on the floor.
Exhibitors are particularly free of charge, and many of them say they are pleasantly surprised by the large number of contacts and warm reception from retailers, distributors and brokers.
Next year\'s program (Oct. 18-19, 2000)
A good overview of many new products, packaging and Millennium perishable foods will be on display.
Since this is one of the most targeted presentations across the country for dairy products, deli, bakery and seafood, we feel it is our responsibility to give this industry, our members and friends will make their forecasting work as easy as possible.
McCain has more than $5 in sales.
McCain Group has signed up for the $5 billion mark for fiscal 1999.
Sales for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1999 amounted to 6 billion per cent. This marks a 9.
Sales increased by 5% over the previous year.
\"It seems to me that our fiscal 1999 is very successful,\" said Harrison McCain, chairman of McCain Food Co. , Ltd . \".
Sales figures reflect several contributing factors, he said.
In Europe, sales and sales in most regions have increased, and the price of materials is also very favorable.
The McCain group has also achieved considerable growth in South America and provided an export market for McCain International.
The divestiture of the group did not contribute positively to growth and profitability, which also contributed to sales figures.
The group handled its European juice business in 1999.
The McCain Group has more than 55 manufacturing plants in 11 countries on four continents, including a construction plant in coaldale, Alberta.
McCain food is the world leader in the production of frozen chips-
The McCain plant is capable of producing about 1 million pound potato products per hour.
In different countries, McCaine processes green vegetables and produces desserts, pizzas, juices and drinks, oven meals, main courses and other foods.
McCainsubsidiaries includes companies engaged in the manufacture of transportation services and equipment.
The largest logistics company in the United States, the new general logistics company, has strengthened its commitment to achieving operational excellence. S.
Temperature supplier-
Providing control storage and food delivery services to customers around the world, appointing Jim Burke as general manager of Appleton, Wisconsin
Temperature distribution center. Mr.
Burke came to the United States from Dixon warehouse and handling company. , Inc.
At Beaumont, Texas, he has worked there for more than ten years, five of which served as vice president of Southwest Business and the remaining five as general managers of three distribution centers.
Burke will be responsible for enhancing the operational advantages of the top four in the United States.
The 6 million-square-foot facility, which represents its client, anchofoods, specializes in cold storage and frozen food storage, has the production capacity of the Apton warehouse in Wisconsin.
Specifically, Burke will make a profit. and-
Loss and customer satisfaction accountability related to all activities under his guidance, including warehousing, distribution, logistics and customer service.
The new HS8A solenoid valve from Hansen technology can cope with harsh conditions
The new HS8A, 1/2-
Inch port, solenoid valve.
Stronger springs and new Teflon seals prevent sticking together.
Durable cast iron valve body improves erosion
Resistance of seat and flow passage.
These advances and other features make
The Hshs8a solenoid valve can effectively cope with the harsh conditions of modern industrial refrigeration systems including outdoor installation.
Its proprietary double coating on the valve body, stainless steel rod, corrosion-
Anti-seal cover and corrosion-
The packaging nut of HS8A has unparalleled corrosion resistance.
In addition, the HS8A has a larger diameter, a more stable stainless steel closure spring and an improved Teflon seat for close closing.
Hansen Technology
Provides a wide range of components for industrial refrigeration systems, including control valves, shut-off valves
Valve, pressure-
Safety valve, pump, air purifier, defrost control and liquid level control.
For more information, please call 1-800-426-7368 or 630-325-1565. Fax630-325-1572. E-
Mail: Message @ hantech.
Website: www. hantech.
Meyer Industries announced the acquisition of Meyer Industries Inc. announced the acquisition of garroutte, Inc. in September 1, 1999.
Waterville, California
Meyer industries also owns MeyerMachine in San Antonio, Texas, a leading manufacturer of transport equipment.
Garroutte\'s product line includes a variety of equipment for processing vegetables and dry materials, includes hot ironing, pasteurisation, freezing, product metering, raw material reception, cleaning agents and washers, dehydration, stripping, trimming, sizing/grading and packaging/bagging.
Gene Teeter, president of Meyer industries, will be President of Garroutte
For more information on Garroutte\'s full range of vegetables and dry processing equipment, please call 831-722-2487or fax 831-722-3409.
American International Poultry Fair education programS.
Sponsored by the Poultry and Egg Association-
The basic education project for 2000 International Poultry Fair is scheduled for January. 19-
It is held at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
This year\'s theme will be universal, covering issues that are important to everyone in the poultry and egg industries.
These projects will be aligned with the theme of \"Shaping the Future\", dealing with important issues that will certainly affect the future of the industry.
Education program on Thursday, January.
It will consist of two simultaneous parades.
Topics include: intervention strategies for food pathogens;
L. and L. bending bacteria, zero tolerance;
Based on science? ;
Survey update of egg industry in NAHMS;
New beginning: what is the future? ;
Alternative to waste management: sand and mortality treatment for broiler litter, laying hens manure, litter;
CAFO/AFOFarm license;
Phosphorus reduction technology.
The theme of Friday\'s education is: the poultry and egg industry in the new millennium and the great debate: genetically modified organisms: the impact on business and exports;
Will we use antibiotics in the future?
For more information, please call 770-493-9401 or fax 770-493-9257.
USCS will add 2 million cubic feet to U in viefieldS.
Refrigeration recently announced plans to build another 2 million cubic feet of super
It is located in Vieques, California.
It is expected that after completion by the end of March 2000, the Becker sfield facility will consist of more than five.
6 million square feet, over 23,000 individually installed pallet locations for food storage.
The USCS has awarded the construction contract to the Jacksonville argroup, Florida, in order to start work immediately.
STAR Group is a complete service, design
Over the past 10 years, many refrigerated facilities have been built for Americans across the United States.
National Fisheries Institute election of state officialsNFI)
A new group of state officials was announced and elected in October.
Attend the Association\'s annual meeting in Miami.
Chairman: Joel Corron, Queens International, Port Washington, New York.
First Vice President: Walley Stevens, Slade Gordon, Boston, MA.
Treasurer: Jack KilgoreSeaPak, St.
Simmons Island, Georgia
Secretary: Larry Kemp from Qingquan food company, Buhl, ID.
Assistant Treasurer: Doug Delin, Port Seafood
New York State Park
2000 The Institute is scheduled for February. 6-
2000 36 session wflo College will be February 6-20 February 9, year 00 in Oklahoma Norman of Oklahoma University campus held.
More than 200 PRW professionals will once again participate in the only integrated project developed specifically for refrigeration warehouse professionals.
Start thinking about which of you should participate in the expanded Institute program.
For more information, please call Angela Steves or Benjamin Milk652-5674.
Imperial Jewish poultry provides the whole roast turkey of imperial Jewish poultry, the world\'s largest Jewish poultry producerto-
Roast turkey.
There are frozen turkeys on the metropolitan market.
\"We found our customers interested in buying a ready-made Turkey,\" said Janice Lee Price, vice president of Imperial Marketing.
\"We believe they will be a hit among the Empire\'s various Jewish poultry products.
\"The Imperial Jewish poultry company, founded in 1938, produces 120,000 chickens and 15,000 turkeys a day.
The New York Times and The Boston Globe ranked first in a separate taste test.
For more information, please call 717-436-5921.
S. soybean exports fell, world supplies fell, and demand was weak. S.
So far, soybean exports have fallen by 11% in 1999 and their value has dropped by 29%.
So far, it has exported to South America, Mexico, Europe and Asia in fiscal 1999, especially Brazil, Japan and China.
However, exports changed slightly in July compared to June.
Soybean exports actually fell the most in commodities.
Exports fell to $4.
It was $7 billion in 1999.
The value of 1 billion per cent in 1998, below 1997 per cent, exceeded 30% per cent.
Exports to South America, Eastern Europe and Africa fell by 2% compared with last year.
Soybean export prices in 1999 were the lowest in the past 20 years.
The stronger dollar weakened the US economy. S.
Competitive price in the world market.
Corn exports exceeded US $5 billion, an increase of 18% over 1998, and corn exports increased by 38%.
But despite the growth in sales this year, corn exports are still 40% below $8 in 96. 4 billion.
The lowest corn price since 1987 and 44% below 1996 are the reasons.
It mainly flows to Latin America, especially Mexico, and Asia and Africa.
The main markets in Asia are Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
In Africa, Egypt imports the most.
The stell completion project of hennison cold storage has officially opened a new 158,000 square foot cold storage facility in North Dakota Fox.
The Stellar Group designs and builds in less than eight months to coordinate the complete design/construction project by providing architectural, engineering, architectural and refrigeration designs.
The facility is designed and built to improve energy efficiency, operational procedures and ensure proper food storage and handling.
The refrigerator is designed to keep the temperature-5[degrees]
F, including an extended truck loading dock and a rail dock.
In addition, Stellar has built additional office/benefit areas and provides refrigeration designs including compressors, condensate and evaporator.
The building materials are composed of insulated wall panels, insulated doors, traditional steel frame and single
Roof system.
Hengning Sen Cold Storage Co. , Ltd.
Is a full-service public refrigerated storage company offering nearly 33 million cubic feet of frozen and refrigerated storage space with more locations in Idaho, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington
The company is an industry leader in providing customers with high-quality cold storage space and services.
The company provides various warehousing and logistics services, includes freezer, cooler and dry goods storage, explosion and room freezing, professional product handling, Cross docking, transshipment, import/export services, cargo integration, load pool and physical distribution.
Rich in products, J. W. Allen & Co.
Announced Merger J. W.
One of the largest families in the United States-Allen nofu fufu products
Food manufacturers and J. W.
Allen of the Apremiere family
Owned supplier
The store baking industry has announced the merger of J. W.
Allen has introduced a wide range of products.
The news was announced by Robert E. Rich Jr.
President, Ricky and J.
Alan CEO William Allen
\"We are very excited to welcome J. W.
Alan is a new member of the Rich family business . \"Rich Jr.
\"They are an excellent organization with great family values and a second to none reputation in terms of quality. J. W.
Alan is an excellent compliment to our strengths that will enable us to serve our staff
Bakery customers are better than before.
\"We have signed a contract with a vibrant family --
Our family vision and values are exactly the same . \"WilliamAllen.
We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to providing our bakery customers with the highest quality, most comprehensive product line in the industry.
\"For more information, please contact Peter Ciotta, director of the communication team at 716-878-8381, fax 716-878-8765. e-
Package pciotta @ rich.
Monte food acquisition state-Of-The-
Art processing plant of Monte Food Company (NYSE:DLM)
And Agrilink Food Co. , Ltd.
Rochester, New York, a complete
Pro-wholly owned subsidiary
Cooperation of the Foreign Affairs Committee (Nasdaq:PFACP)
They have jointly announced that they have signed a letter from Itto Del Monte to buy a state. of-the-
Art food processing facilities from Agrilink.
The recently upgraded facility in WI Cumbria is currently packed with canned peas, canned corn and canned green beans.
This is Del Monte\'s two key mung bean planting areas in Plover and WI Markesan.
\"The country has experienced labor forceof-the-
This factory has art equipment and is close to our other facilities and is perfect for our current and long-term needs
\"The strong growth in our vegetable business has led to a range of production demand,\" Wesley J . \"
Smith, chief operating officer, Vermont.
\"Aglink\'s focus is still on developing its frozenvegetable business,\" said Dennis M . \"
Mullen, president and chief executive of Agrilink, said: \"Del Monte plays an important role in the canned vegetable market.
The facility and its professional staff are ideal for the operation of Del Monte.
\"Sales will include an agreement for Del Monte to produce Agrilink product requirements during the 2000 packaging season.
Additional terms of the transaction have not yet been disclosed.
Integrated limited liability company (CSI)
Appointed Vice President Edward Bruno
The Atlantic and Nancy.
Barnes is a director of the Southeast Global Services Group.
Ed will be in charge-
Facilities in Philadelphia, Hatfield, Lancaster and New York, Pennsylvania, and CSI\'s distribution center in Buffalo, New York.
Nancy will be based at CSI\'s Atlanta distribution center and will eventually work at CSI\'s latest plant in McDonough, Georgia, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2000.
China securities global service group is responsible for development
Establish long-term relationships with local, national and international customer groups of CSI\'s current and future frozen and refrigerated food manufacturers, retailers, brokers and wholesalers.
CSI operates 31 refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers in the United States, covering an area of more than 0. 169 billion cubic feet.
CSI is a subsidiary of ProLogis, Denver, Colorado, the largest listed company in the United StatesS.
Global owners and operators of integrated distribution facilities headquartered in North America and Europe.
Prolos alsohas became the world\'s largest, refrigerated distribution company to acquire the facilities of Shanghai and Shenzhen in April 1997 with Frigoscandia throughits AB in January 1998, which works in 12 European countries in 0. 185 billion cubic feet 89 refrigeratedwarehouse.
ProLogis has established the industry\'s first and only global network of distribution facilities with the primary goal of becoming a leading provider of distribution services.
The company hopes to achieve this through [ProLogis international operating system]TM]
, And promises to meet the expansion and configuration needs of global customers by providing excellent corporate distribution facilities and services to become a \"global distribution solution \".
As at June 30, 1999, data for ProLogis was 172 per cent.
There are 3 million square feet of distribution space operated or under development in 94 global markets.
Appointment by senior management
Smith Bakery LimitedMSBI)
William A is A top producer and marketer of frozen and fresh pies and desserts in the United States.
He appointed George B von Bost as the new position of Senior Vice President.
As executive vice president, Strenglis is responsible for all company operations and reports directly to Gary Harrison, president and chief operating officer.
Strengis has been a lady.
Vice President of Smith department responsible for sales, marketing and logistics functions.
In his new position, Mrs. von Boster was in charge. Smith\'s on-
Capital projects.
Market manager Larry DePole reports that the Kitada freezer system has launched the \"central folder\" BrochureOn SuperTRAK spiral freezer, which is in the process of its SuperTRAK series spiral freezer
A breakthrough with the traditional sales literature format
S. -based companies have published a brochure in a folding format showing unique features and life
Cycle Cost-effectiveness of this spiral freeze production line.
Because it\'s open to its poster.
The brochure says: \"The average life of a spiral refrigerator is 20 years.
Depending on the application, construction quality and preventive maintenance, some freezers run longer than others.
Therefore, the purchase of any spiral system should involve financial accounting for the entire life cycle --
Cycle cost of owning and operating machines for a long time.
\"To receive a copy of the centerfold\" life cycle costing \"brochure, please contact the free self-help 1-800-426-1283. E-
Mail: info @ northfield freezing.
Beyond the logistics and Versacold partnerships, the Com partnership provides integrated warehousing and transportation services for grocery manufacturers and retailers.
Exel Logistics Corporation and Versacold Corporation of the United States recently announced the establishment of an electric vehicle logistics company, a partnership designed to meet the growing comprehensive diversity of needs
Temperature storage and transportation management in North America.
Exel Logistics is a leading global provider of supply chain solutions valued at $3 billion specializing in supply chain design and modeling, integrated warehousing and transportation management, JIT distribution and door-to-door delivery in the US and Canada
Versacold is Canada\'s largest refrigerated warehouse and distribution company with expertise in temperature design, construction and operation
Control facilities.
\"Electric Vehicle Logistics is a response to the strong demand of manufacturers and retailers for a single-source supplier to manage its portfolio of perishable supply chains and environmental supply chains,\" Chris Munro, exelLogistics said senior vice president of Americas strategy and development.
\"No company is able to provide the vast experience and resources that Exel logistics md Versacold brings to this partnership.
\"The service of electric vehicle logistics will go beyond the traditional distribution center and transportation operation management and integrate into all-round operation and planning skills, including freight integration, cross-docking, merger
Logistics, as well as network analysis and design.
\"The strength of this partnership lies in supply chain design and development and operational excellence,\" said Ian Cameron, vice president of sales and marketing at Versacold . \".
\"By designing, implementing and managing an integrated supply chain for perishable products and environmental products, electric vehicle logistics will become a truly single source for multiple suppliers
Temperature supply chain solutions.
\"Agrilink food company completed the business of selling Midwest private label cannedbusiness to Seneca food company
Pro-wholly owned subsidiaryCooperation of the Foreign Affairs Committee (Nasdaq: PFACP)
And seneca Food Company (
Havecompleted sells food from its own brand cannedvegetable business Seneca in the Midwest of Agrilink.
The deal included MN facilities at MN ilink.
In another announcement on November
On the 16 th, Agrilink reported that it signed a letter of intent with Del Monte Foods in San Francisco to acquire Agrilink\'s Cambria factory in WI, which was originally thesen.
Allegrink will keep its facilities such as Green Bay and hougherville.
This transaction does not include canned vegetables under the brand agrilink
Everything is fresh.
The terms of the agreement were not announced.
AFFI elected new officials and directors at the annual meeting of the American Institute of frozen food (AFFI)
On October 4, during the National Conference on frozen foods, at the 59 annual meeting in Boston, MA, new officials and board members were elected.
Kathleen Kelly Spier, vice president and deputy general counsel for Kraft Foods
IL Northfield was elected chairman of the board.
She served as the first vice chairman.
Rick Jacobson, president and CEO of Norpac food
Steaton, or was elected as the first vice president. Kelly W.
Brown, executive vice president, Smith Frozen Foods Co. , Ltd.
Elected as second vice president. George A.
Vice president Franklin
Global Government Affairs Company of Kellogg Company, MI Battle Creek, immediately became the former chairman of the AFFI board after one of his meetings
One year as chairman.
AFFI also elected the following 24 new members
Board member for a three-year term: * Ricardo Alvarez, chief executive of Ruiz food, Dinuba, CA;
* Stephen curliff, president and general manager, NestleUSA-
Oh, Soren, Department of frozen food;
* Ben Frega, executive vice president-
Sales and marketing of Rochester agricultural food company, New York; * Richard H.
Seattle, Washington, President of National frozen food company flat machine; * Mason A.
Leonard, president of Bell Pictsweet frozen foods, Tennessee; * James R.
President Mooney. R.
Food group Simplot, Boise, ID; * Gregory L.
Vice President Smith-
Supply chain, joint signature food, Northbrook, IL;
* Tim Twardzik, executive vice president, Ateeco, Inc. Shenandoah,PA.
In addition to the four officers, AFFI has appointed the following board members:
A large number of positions of members of its executive committee for one year
The executive committee has a large number of positions during its one-year term: King Prince seafood chairman, president and chief executive Robert Brubeck
Ben Frega, executive vice president, Brunswick, Georgia
Sales and marketing of Rochester agricultural foods, New York, and Stephen larlund, senior vice president
McKay food retail, USA.
The American Frozen Food Association is the national trade association representing the interests of the frozen food industry for 58 years.
Its 580 business members account for more than 90% of frozen food production in the United States. S.
The Geneva distribution center Millard refrigeration service has announced that it has opened a third branch in the Geneva distribution center.
The facility was expanded by 54,000 square feet in Geneva, which opened in July 1998, covering an area of 45 square feet and more than 13 square feet.
6 million square feet
With the completion of this phase, Millard has more than 700,000 square feet of distributed space in the Chicago area.
The Geneva distribution center covers the Midwest and is one of the cornerstones of the Millard national distribution center network.
The network aims to meet the demand of major markets for retail and food service companies across the United States.
Including facilities currently under construction, millard operates 24 refrigerated warehouses, distribution and processing facilities throughout the United States.
The facilities cover more than 0. 165 billion cubic feet.
For more information, please contact Tom Dolfay at 402-896-6600.
NGA announces the appointment of the advertising representative of the national grocery store Association (N. G. A. )
Noel White has been appointed.
As an advertising sales representative for the national grocery store itsmagazine.
Noel White has more than 20 years of experience in selling advertising space in consumer and trade publications.
Most of her experience is in the food category, presenting Reader\'s Digest and Weddell publications to national food manufacturers.
Her colleague Bob Leichter has more than 20 years of experience as an advertising manager in charge of food accounts for red books, 17 magazines and fashion magazines.
FPM & SA elected new officials and directors, new chairman and vice-chairman at 114 annual meeting of the food processing machinery and Supply Association (serving two-yearterms)
Three new board members were elected.
Annual terms of the board. Larry S.
Hagopian, FPM & SA\'s new chairman, started his career in the food processing machinery industry in 1962 at alimcialmanufactur
Ing, a family business in Fresno, California. G.
Joseph Olney, the new vice chairman of FPM & SA, and G. s. J.
In 1976, Olney graduated from Norwich University with a bachelor\'s degree in business administration.
Jerry Hogg of France (
FMC FoodTech for an enterprise)
Will continue as former chairman of the boardyear term.
Leonard Bourne, president of seal airlines Cryovac
Duncan of SC joined the company in 1966 and held various positions in finance and administration at W. finance. R. Grace Division.
Cal Gray, senior vice president of visual systems operations at SatakeUSA, Houston, Texas, joined the company six years ago for engineering and production.
Vice president Ashley Hunt
General manager of oddenberg engineering in West Sacramento, California joined the company in 1994.
The National Restaurant Association Education Foundation has announced the latest winners of two of the most prestigious industry honors ---
The Diplomatic Academy Awards and The Thad and Alice eure hotel ambassadors awards are due to their achievements and contributions in Hotel and Hotel education.
Every year, the education foundation introduces three outstanding industry professionals to the School of Foreign Affairs, a select group of individuals who significantly enhance restaurants and the hospitality industry by advocating education, training and knowledge sharing.
The 2000 Foreign Affairs College recruits are: Ella Brennan, managing partner of Commander Palace
Neworth in Anna, Louis
Richard Marriott, FMP, chairman of Marriott Group
Bethesda, Maryland; Robert Rich Jr.
President of rich products.
Buffalo, New York.
Kellogg sells the Lender\'s Bagels
The Lender\'s Bagels will be sold to Aurora food for $27.
Three years ago, it paid $0. 466 billion for bagels.
The lender\'s sales in 1998 were about $0. 21 billion.
Aurora has the brands of Aunt Jemima, Van de Kamp, Duncan Hines and LogCabin.
Restructuring of Versacold
It is the only national supplier in Canada that provides public refrigerated storage and distribution services.
On November 19, the company announced a broad organizational adjustment, including the appointment of Grant R.
Macmillan succeeded Marshall L as vice president and chief development officer
McRae, who has resigned.
Robert A. Laun was appointed senior vice president of operations. Mr.
Macmillan served as vice president of national distribution networks.
Lawarne is vice president of warehouse operations.
Both positions were canceled and held by Mr lewarne of the new organization.
Versacold operates a network of 23 refrigeration facilities in Canada and the United States.
The company provides food processing, refrigeration, transportation and logistics services to more than 1,700 food industry customers.
For more information, please contact Lionel Dodd, president and CEO of Versacold Corp. at 604-25504656. Mrs.
Smith\'s bakery outsourced national warehousing to American Logistics
Further increase Mrs Smith\'s operating costs and customer service
Smith Bakery Limited
The US logistics company has signed a letter of intent asking the US logistics company to manage the lady.
Smith\'s National storage network for frozen baked goods. Mrs.
Smith, business unit of the flower industry (NYSE:FLO)
, Is the country\'s top brand packaging frozen pies and desserts manufacturers and sellers.
The United States is the largest. S.
Temperature supplier
Provide controlled storage and food delivery services to customers around the world.
The agreement is expected to be finalized at a price of 2000.
Under the agreement, AmeriCold will design a distribution network for the lady.
Smith is using its food distribution center, which will integrate and simplify the shipment and storage of frozen baked goods by Mrs. Smith throughout the United States.
\"This agreement is another step for the lady.
Smith\'s strategic plan is to build a unique competitive advantage in the frozen baked goods business . \"
Her executive vice president, StrenglisSmith\'s.
\"Americool is a leader in supply chain operations and solutions and we are excited to form a long-term
This will enable us to reduce operating costs and better serve our customers.
\"The new storage warehouse, Columbus refrigeration, announced the opening of a new storage warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.
The complex includes a convertible room (-10F to +40F)
It contains about 365,000 cubic feet, (-20F)
Refrigerator containing about 2.
4 million square feet and 60,000 square feet of dry area.
The refrigerated warehouse has been fully excavated and supports an ice plant of 160 tons.
The automatic Central ammonia refrigeration system is designed by Bonar engineering.
Jackson, Florida.
Three refrigerated terminals with 25 truck doors will serve the facility.
Plans for the future include full rail service.
For information, please call Greg Steele at 614-272-8404. H&M Bay Inc.
Building a new headquarters for H & M Bay
A transportation company specializing in less controlthan-
Nationwide, truck-loaded temperature control products broke ground on a new 85,000 square foot. ft.
Office/warehouse November.
The facility will serve as the company\'s corporate headquarters, providing office space for 80 employees.
It will also serve employees of Messick & Hayman Partnership, LLP, atractor
Trailer sales and loan company. A 53-
The Bay warehouse is also under construction.
The new warehouse will Double H & M Bay\'s warehouse capacity in Maryland and enable the company to deliver additional services efficiently.
The decision to build a new complex is based on the current and projected growth of the H & M Bay LTL transport business.
Over the past five years, the company\'s business has grown by 25%.
Currently in H & M Bay. Inc.
The average transportation is 12,000.
Weekly freight.
As demand for LTL services grows steadily, the company is expected to ship more than 16,000,000 pounds once the warehouse is fully operational in May 2000. a week.
In addition to the two warehouse facilities in Maryland, H & M Bay currently operates warehouses in massacom
Seates and Washington
For more information, please call Janet G.
Hendricks 800-932-7521,ext. 212.
Gibbsa expands its Mexican companies in the United States, such as the group industrial binbosa (GIBSA)
Sales in certain segments of the United States. S.
Especially Hispanic.
Gibb is a leader in the bread industry in Mexico, with more than 60 factories in Latin America, Mexico and the United States, with 57 000 employees and more than $2 in global sales. 3 billion.
In addition to making bread, Dr. Ji also produces other baked goods, wheat and corn noodles, snacks, sweets and frozen fruits and vegetables.
Gibbsa also produces raw materials for the baking industry, such as machinery and plastics.
Gibb originally exported products from Mexican factories to the United States, especially to cities with a concentrated Mexican population.
Now, Gibb has many factories in California, Texas and Ohio that produce bread and tortillas, and has distribution systems covering 16 states, mainly in the Southern and Pacific regions.
Gibos\'s subsidiaries in the United States include La Tapatia, C & C Bakery, Pacific Pride, La fulondesa, Fabula food, Suandi food, national food, proal
One of Gibb\'s major acquisitions in 1998 was
Baird, leader in the bread industry
The baking industry in the southwestern United States has sales of more than $0. 3 billion.
In March 1999, the further expansion of the United States received four
The company, based in Los Angeles, has sales of about $40 million. State-of-the-
Art meat processing plants expand the roster of food industry projects and McCarthy is building a countryof-the-
Art meat processing plant in StJoseph. MO.
At Hill County farm and Kahn Farm, a division of Sarah Lee.
The $75 million project is scheduled to be completed in March 2000.
For information, please call 314-993-0155.
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