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Box type cold water machine common problems and solutions

Box type water industrial ice machine divided according to cooling mode, can be divided into water cooled and air cooled type two kinds, the in the process of running, the evaporator of the frozen water through the heat exchanger and cooling products for cooling, when heat exchanger required enough cooling capacity, evaporator is still continuing to frozen cooling of heat exchangers, cooling the phenomenon of excessive, will happen at the same time wasted energy.
solutions: box type water industrial ice machine including compressor, condenser and evaporator, condenser, evaporator and the entrance through the pipes, the export of evaporator through a third pipe connected to the entrance of the compressor, evaporator with inlet and outlet needed for freezing, include water tank and used for pumping of the water in the tank to frozen water inlet of the pump, the outlet of the water pump through the transfer line connected to the chilled water inlet; Set at the frozen outlet reflux proportional valve, the reflux ratio valve connection has frozen outlet pipe of the outlet of the first, the second outlet reflux ratio valve connected to the tank. In a setting of frozen outlet reflux ratio valve, when to stay cool objects not enough cooling capacity, chilled water through frozen outlet pipe into the heat exchanger to refrigeration of objects, when meet the demand of cold energy, chilled water directly back to the inner loop within the tank, refrigeration effect is good, and saves energy.
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