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Both ends of the condenser

There are two cold end heat exchanger in the loop, we respectively the main cold end heat exchanger and cold end heat exchanger. The former is one of the nuclear part of thermoacoustic, she directly involved in the thermoacoustic conversion process, low temperature heat source is thermoacoustic engine. Vice don't participate in the cold end heat exchanger thermal conversion process, its effect is truncated along the thermal buffer tube wall heat leak and rv flow, caused by the gas heat pump.

in various forms of heat exchanger fin structure is widely used, the use of devices, deputy are used the cold end heat exchanger structure. The cold end heat exchanger fin material within the Lord for the purple tung, his hair blue open annular flume, welding water mouth. Use finned put in flange, screw, flange between fin and o-ring seals. Gas working medium by the fin within through, cooling water around the outer wall of finned tube for cooling. Deputy of the cold end heat exchanger structure and processing method and the main cold end heat exchanger are roughly the same.

regenerator in between the main cold end heat exchanger and the heater, it is the core of the thermoacoustic effect, that is the heart of the system. The regenerator is different from the pack of standing wave system. In a standing wave system, thermoacoustic effect based on the irreversible thermodynamic cycle, request the gas-solid heat between relaxed, thus the feature sizes of stack with the hot searches the depth of the gas. Type travelling-wave thermoacoustic engine side requirements between gas-solid has good heat exchange effect, this is a system of reversible Stirling cycle for, so the regenerator flow to the characteristics of the size should be smaller than the thermal penetration depth.

regenerator is by packing and shell of two parts, the packing is by multiple purposes of stainless steel wire mesh, 150 ~ 300 filled thin-walled steel pipe for 21 mm in diameter. On both ends of thin wall pipe with power bar to the fixed pressure screen, as well as regenerator and provide a certain amount of space between the adjacent heat exchanger. In the process of filling, in order to guarantee the x direction on unit length of regenerator has the same uniform number of stainless steel, must be carefully after joining every piece of silk screen to fill pressure screen pile with preset force.
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