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Block ice machine manufacturer introduction: what should be paid attention to when installing the ice machine


Many companies need to use ice cubes in the production and transportation of goods, so they need to purchase suitable ice machines from block ice machine manufacturers to use. However, even if they purchase high-quality ice machines, if they cannot be installed It will also affect the effect of ice making. The following is the block ice machine manufacturer to introduce what should be paid attention to when installing the ice machine.

First, keep away from the heat source and avoid direct sunlight

The temperature is low to a certain level to produce ice cubes. If the outside temperature is too high, it will affect the production process. The output of ice will also cause damage to the cbfi ice machine due to poor heat dissipation. Therefore, when using the ice maker of the block ice maker manufacturer, you should be careful to stay away from various heat sources, and maintain good ventilation to avoid excessive ambient temperature. Forty degrees Celsius.

Second, the installation platform should be stable and strong

Purchase ice machines from high-quality block ice machine manufacturers After that, install it on a stable and sturdy platform, because the ice machine has a large dead weight, if the platform is not strong, it will not be able to support the ice machine for a long time. In addition, if the platform is unstable, the ice maker will not only make a lot of noise during operation, but also may not be dehydrated.

Third, it is necessary to use an independent standard power supply

Because the power of the cbfi ice machine is relatively large, the At that time, block ice machine manufacturers suggest that companies configure an independent power supply that meets national standards for ice machines, and avoid using the same power supply with other equipment. In addition, in order to prevent the ice machine from malfunctioning due to power fluctuations, fuses and leakage protection switches should be configured for a period of time to ensure that the voltage fluctuation of the ice machine does not exceed plus or minus ten percent of the rated voltage during operation.

In order to obtain high-quality ice cubes, in addition to purchasing easy-to-use ice machines from affordable block ice machine manufacturers, you also need to pay attention to each The main aspects include choosing an installation location far away from the heat source, a stable and sturdy installation platform, and the use of an independent standard power supply. Ensure that the ice machine provided by the block ice machine manufacturer can operate and make ice stably for a long time.

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