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Block ice machine characteristics, block ice machine market application ice factory retail

The ice cube produced by the block industrial ice maker is usually 5-50 kg/piece, and the shape is like a brick, also known as the ice block machine. The block ice machine is divided into salt pool ice block machine and direct cooling ice block machine. The direct cooling ice block machine ice is cleaner than the salt pool ice block, and meets the edible standards, and the direct cooling ice block has a wider application range. What are the characteristics of the direct cooling block ice machine and applied in those industries? [Characteristics of direct cooling block industrial ice maker] The ice cubes are large in size, low in temperature, not easy to melt, hard in texture, easy to transport, and long in storage. They have an irreplaceable role in high-temperature tropical areas. 1. The direct cooling block ice machine is composed of a refrigeration unit and an evaporator, because the block ice machine is bulky and heavy. In order to facilitate transportation, the refrigeration unit and the evaporator are usually designed and produced separately. 2. The evaporator is composed of a mechanical lifting device and an aluminum ice mold. The aluminum plate ice mold meets the edible standards, and the block ice machine generally adopts the water tower to condense, and the cooling effect is better. 3. The refrigerating machine is rented. Because the block ice is formed in the ice mold, the block ice needs to be heated and melted before the ice can be removed to complete the ice making. The refrigeration unit is slightly more complicated than other ice making units and requires a dual-circuit design. [Block ice machine market application] Block ice has the characteristics of large volume, low temperature, not easy to melt, hard texture, and long storage time. It is very popular in high-temperature tropical regions. It is widely used in ice factory retail (farmer's market, comprehensive vegetable market, wholesale and retail, etc.), and used for fresh-keeping retail and transportation of fruits and vegetables, aquatic seafood, meat and poultry. Break the ice cubes and can be used in supermarkets to keep fresh. The application case as shown in the figure below: a 20-ton block ice machine with daily output, used in ice factory retail. A piece of ice can be sold for 10-20 yuan/piece, which brings considerable income to retail ice factories. 20 tons per day block ice machine
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