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Biological sample save for cryogenic refrigerator

Omics technology in life science research and the development of a new generation of clinical medical field detection technology progress, promote the demand for biological sample, also promoted the biological sample collection, preservation of regularization, scale. The preservation of biological samples, there are mainly under normal temperature and low temperature in two ways. Biological samples kept at low temperature, it is now a common way of biological sample preservation. Cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers have also launched the ultra-low temperature freezer can be used in the cryopreservation of organization.

the low temperature on the biology and medicine, is a relatively wide temperature range. From most of the enzymes under the optimal reaction temperature of 37 ℃ to several K ( Kelvin) , can be called low temperature ( Absolute zero - 273. 15 ℃ is 0 k) 。 From the Angle of the sample preservation, will be lower than the normal temperature ( Room temperature 25 ℃ or so) The temperature of the understanding for low temperature. Low temperature can inhibit the biochemical activity of the organism, which is the inherent rule of physical and chemical nature. According to the Arrhenius ( 阿伦尼乌斯) Equation, the temperature is lower, the slower the chemical reaction speed, the save the longer of the sample. Therefore, in order to make the biological sample in a certain period of time remained stable, people according to different needs to save the samples in 4 ℃, - 20℃,- Temperature of 80 ℃ or lower in the ultra-low temperature freezer, or stored in liquid nitrogen.

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