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Bingxue Precision Ice Maker will point you to a 'road to fortune'!


Direct cooling ice maker, also known as direct cooling block ice maker, bar ice maker, and industrial cbfi ice machine, uses aluminum ice molds to directly exchange heat between refrigerant and water to quickly freeze water Mechanical equipment into ice cubes.

  Direct cooling ice maker features:

  1, energy saving

  The mold adopts an aluminum alloy plate heat exchanger, which is in direct contact with water to maximize heat exchange.

   The full-liquid liquid supply is 30% higher than the traditional salt pond ice making efficiency, the ice making time with the same cold capacity is shortened by 30%, and the operating cost is low.

  2, intelligent control, simple operation

   adopts PLC intelligent control system, one-key start, automatic start and automatic water filling , Automatic ice making, automatic deicing, automatic ice pushing.

  3, integrated design

   does not require civil construction salt ponds, driving vehicles, workshops and other equipment and facilities, just add water and electricity Ice making, small footprint, movable ice making.

  4, safe and efficient

   uses environmentally friendly refrigerants No pollution to the environment, no harm to people, the ice cubes are clean, pollution-free and edible. There is no need for on-site construction, administrative approval, and professional operation, saving worry and effort.

  5, material

  The film is made of aerospace-grade low-temperature aluminum alloy plate (6063-T5) by one-time welding forming, guiding Good temperature performance, fast ice making speed, no salt water, clean and hygienic.

  6, convenient, time-saving, labor-saving

  Using worm lifting device, the lifting plate has good sealing performance, no need to lock The lifting plate is manually fastened by the buckle, and the ice pack can be directly stored in the warehouse.

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