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Bingquan Snow Ice Maker Manufacturer


  Bingquan Snowflake Manufacturer

   Henan Bingquan Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of desktop ice machines, commercial ice machines, and snowflake ice machines. There are brand new Two production assembly lines, one box foaming line, one performance testing line, ice machine high and low temperature test room, geared motor dynamic balance test room, ice making evaporator test bench, physical and chemical laboratory and other testing equipment, annual production The capacity of various specifications of ice machines and snowflake ice machines is up to 50,000 units.

   has strong product development and development capabilities, including automatic high-precision fluorine-free filling stations, multi-function electrical performance testers, automatic fluorine-free foaming machines, vacuum pumps and other equipment. A large series of more than ten models of IM-15, IM-15A, IM-25, IM-50, IM-80 oval ice and IMS-20, IMS-25, IMS-30, IMS-40, IMS-50 , IMS-70, IMS-85, IMS-100, IMS-130, IMS-150, IMS-200, IMS-250, IMS-300 snowflake ice maker, especially laboratory IMS series snowflake cbfi ice machine for the company The key products are the domestic large-scale laboratory ice machine production and research bases, especially the newly developed IMS-20 and IMS-30 small snowflake ice machines.

  Bingquan cbfi ice machine is controlled by a computer program. It has the characteristics of continuous ice making, fast ice making speed, and high ice making efficiency. It adopts a high-efficiency fluorine-free compressor.

   products are widely used in hotels, families, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and laboratories, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, medical institutions and other occasions.

  (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

In the past few decades, ice maker machine production has increased because of the use of cold room supplier.
At the heart of cold room supplier is our Vision to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance.
Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd clearly knows that people often launch something and love it and want to go on and on about it, but that's too normal and mediocre. There are lots of other competing products, so we need to keep it very, very unique.
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