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Bingquan ice machine strives to create a well-known brand in China's ice machine industry


  Bingquan ice maker strives to create a well-known brand in China’s cbfi ice machine industry

  Bingquan cbfi ice machine has a professional refrigeration team, modern business philosophy, efficient and orderly management mode, and comprehensive development Strategy, self-innovation, hope that the company and its products will go global. Ice spring ice machine plays an important role in aquatic products and meat processing, poultry slaughter, catering, leather manufacturing, supermarkets, chemical dyes, medical equipment, ocean fishing and other industries.

   has always been adhering to the 'customer-oriented' business philosophy, strictly controlling the production process, constantly innovating, and striving to build a sophisticated ice machine brand through diversified products, excellent quality, and trustworthy service

   Based on the company’s solid foundation and looking forward to the company’s long-term development, we will work tirelessly, continue to research, develop, and produce high-quality products, and work hand in hand with customers to strive for a more brilliant future!

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