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Bingquan flake ice machine components

Bingquan flake cbfi ice machine includes four main parts: condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve (throttle valve). In order for everyone to better understand the composition of Bingquan refrigeration equipment and help future work, the following editor will give you a detailed introduction: the role of condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve. 1. Condenser: In the refrigeration process, the condenser plays a role in outputting heat energy and condensing the refrigerant. After the high-pressure superheated vapor discharged from the refrigeration compressor enters the condenser, all the heat absorbed in the working process, including the heat absorbed from the evaporator and refrigeration compressor and in the pipeline, is transferred to the surrounding medium (water or Air) taken away; the high-pressure superheated vapor of the refrigerant recondenses into a liquid. 2. The compressor plays the role of compressing and transporting refrigerant gas in the refrigeration system, that is, sucking back the low-pressure and low-temperature gas generated in the evaporator, compressing it again into high-temperature and high-pressure gas and sending it to the condenser. The compressor is the core component of the entire refrigeration system and the source of power for refrigerant compression. Its function is to convert the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, inhale, compress and transport refrigerant vapor, and drive the cycle to proceed. 3. The evaporator, flake ice machine evaporator is known as ice bucket, water enters the evaporator sprinkler pipe, and evenly sprinkles the water on the inner wall of the evaporator to form a water film. The water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the evaporator flow channel, the temperature drops rapidly, and a thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. Under the squeeze of ice skates, it breaks into ice flakes and falls into the ice storage. 4. The expansion valve is installed between the liquid reservoir and the evaporator. It is a dividing point between the high-pressure zone and the low-pressure zone in the system. Its function is to throttle and expand the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure liquid. It is also a regulating and controlling refrigerant The level of traffic.
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