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Bingquan brand ice machine flake ice machine advantages description

Shenzhen Bingquan high-yield ice machine flake ice machine/scale ice machine/industrial ice machine/supermarket flake ice machine

Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in producing ice machines, specializing in the production of various specifications of flake ice machines. The produced borneol is dry, with good fresh-keeping effect and fast cooling speed.

Application of flake ice machine: Flake ice machine is widely used in industries and fields such as fresh aquatic products, cold chain logistics of supermarkets and supermarkets, concrete cooling and medical and health. Flake ice can keep seafood in an ideal moist state, which can prevent seafood from deterioration and rot, and can also prevent seafood from dehydration and frostbite. It is widely used in the process of fishing, storage, transportation and processing of marine fisheries.

Features of flake ice:

1. Directly low temperature, low ice temperature, up to -8 degrees.

2. The ice is dry and clean, has a beautiful shape, is not easy to form a block, has good fluidity, and is hygienic and convenient.

3. The flaky structure, so the contact area with the refrigerated Lu is large, and the cooling effect is wonderful.

4. Flake ice has no sharp corners, will not damage the surface of refrigerated products, and is very conducive to storage and transportation.

5. The size of the ice is about 40×40mm, the thickness can reach 1.2mm-2.2mm, and it can be used at any time without an ice crusher.

Advantages of flake ice machine ice machine:

1. The ice making efficiency is high, and the cooling capacity loss is small. The flake ice machine of Xueyuan Company adopts a new vertical internal spiral knife ice-cutting evaporator. When making ice, the water divider inside the ice bucket will evenly distribute water to the inner wall of the ice bucket to freeze quickly. The spiral ice knife cuts the ice and falls, so that the surface of the evaporator is fully utilized, and the efficiency of the cbfi ice machine is improved.

2. The ice cubes are of good quality, dry and not sticky. The vertical evaporator of the automatic flake ice machine produces flake ice with a thickness of 1-2 mm and dry irregular scaly ice with good fluidity.

3. Simple structure and small floor space. Flake ice machines have various series such as fresh water type, sea water type, self-contained cold source, user-equipped cold source, and ice storage. The daily output ranges from 500kg to 50 tons/24h and many other specifications. The user can choose the suitable model according to the use occasion and the quality of the water used. Compared with the traditional ice machine, it has a small footprint and low operating cost.

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