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Before using the ice machine instruction manual


Instructions before using the ice maker manual

  1. The tilt angle of the box should not be greater than 45 degrees during transportation, and it is forbidden to turn it upside down to avoid malfunction of the compressor or refrigeration system.

  2. When the cbfi ice machine is used for the first time or after a long period of shutdown, the drain nut 5 should be unscrewed, and the self-provided container should be placed in the water position. The first two ice making is the ice maker pipeline During the cleaning process of the system, the ice cubes made are not suitable for consumption. After draining the water twice, screw the drain nut 5 and make ice cubes before eating.

  3. The ice maker cannot be used outdoors, and it should not be directly sprayed with water, and it should not be placed in a humid place or a place that is easily exposed to water. Instead, it should be placed on a plane that is far away from the heat source, without corrosive gas, and well ventilated, with at least a space greater than 150mm around it to ensure free flow of air.

  4. After the ice maker is in place, it should be parked for 12 hours before being turned on for the first time.

   5. Do not place objects or water containers on the ice machine.

   6. Do not touch live parts such as power plugs with wet hands.

  7. Except for professional repairers, no one else should open the ice machine for repairs without authorization.

   8. It is absolutely forbidden to modify the machine without authorization.

   9. The power supply range is: 187V-242V/50Hz.

  10. The rated capacity of the conductor should be >u003d6A, and the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe conductor should be 0.75mm2. For IM-80, the rated capacity of the conductor should be >u003d10A, and the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe conductor should be 1.0mm2. The conductor can be Single strand or multiple strands. It is necessary to set a fuse with a rated current of 5A (for IM-80 it is a 10A fuse).

  11. Do not damage the power cord. If the power cord is processed, pulled, bundled, or heavy objects are placed on the power cord, once the outer sheath is damaged, the power cord may be damaged. Causes electric shock or fire.

  12 Operating temperature range: environment: 10℃-35℃, water temperature: 10℃-30℃.

   13. An independent three-hole socket must be used and a good grounding wire must be used.

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