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Before servicing the ice machine, you must understand the four-step operation principle


  I have been using the ice machine for a long time, and it is prone to some malfunctions. For example, the ice machine does not work. What are the operating principles we need to understand when repairing the ice machine?

  First: Refrigeration system start

   Turn on the power switch of the cbfi ice machine, turn on the water inlet valve, start the water inlet, and actively control the water level. The hot air valve of the ice maker actively balances the system pressure, and the compressor is energized for the first time and starts after 30 seconds of delay. Once the ice maker compressor is started, it keeps working during the entire ice making and deicing process. The condensing fan is operated under the control of the condensation temperature. After the ice maker compressor is started, it will be delayed for 30 seconds, and the water pump will start to work.

  Second: Pre-cooling ice making

   Before starting the operation of the ice maker water pump, the compressor is energized for 30 seconds, and the evaporator (ice shelf) is cooled and passed for 30 seconds. After pre-cooling, the water pump is operated, and the water flow is introduced into the ice mold frame, and it is frozen after flowing through each ice tray. When the thickness of the set block is reached, the ice thickness detector of the ice maker receives the information, or the making time exceeds 45 minutes , The ice maker actively enters the deicing process, the hot air solenoid valve starts operation, the ice maker water pump stops operation, the hot air flows through the evaporator to heat, and the deicing starts. However, if the ice making time is less than 5 minutes, the ice maker will not start the de-icing process (that is, the ice making lock time is at least 5 minutes).

   Third: De-icing

   When the hot air solenoid valve of the ice maker is opened and the hot refrigerant is flowing, the Nanning ice maker maintenance call tells you to heat the ice mold frame to make the ice cubes. The ice maker slides down in pieces and falls into the refrigerator of the ice maker. The ice cubes that fall fall off, push the skating board aside and quickly reset. The ice maker has finished de-icing, and the ice making process starts again, and the cycle repeats.

  Fourth: Shut down when the ice is full

   When the de-icing process is completed, if the ice maker is full of ice cubes, the ice cubes can’t fall down and are pressed The ice machine skating board is continuously opened and cannot be reset. After 30 seconds have passed, the ice maker will automatically stop (the shutdown lock time is 3 minutes) until a sufficient amount of ice is taken out, and the skating board is reset, and The ice maker will restart operation after 3 minutes have passed since the shutdown time.

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