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Bearing cooler

Bearing assembly are generally transition fit, the individual use of interference fitted. Special equipment and tools can ensure the bearings from being damaged during installation, and can be more smoothly for installation. Most bearings at installation time, adopt the form of hammer, the phenomenon such as bearing shield damage sometimes. The imported compressor assembly cabinet, multiple refrigerants, with - 40℃、- 60℃、- 86℃、- 100℃、- 130 ℃ temperature for the user to choose from. Mainly by using the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, cold after the completion of the initial interference fit between the bearing and the bearing seat into a clearance fit, and then install the bearing sleeve bearing. Such installation, reducing the excessive physical labor, reduces the assembly equipment, shortened the assembly time, improve the assembly efficiency, reduce the cost. At the same time the company low temperature cooler is mainly used in industrial cooling assembly, uniform metal structure produced by the matrix organization, subtle and dispersion of carbon precipitation. That carbon precipitation phenomenon will bring metal wear resistance performance and friction performance improved significantly, the hardness will increase, and will directly increase the service life of wearing parts.

this series low temperature cold box _ assembly assembly box _ frozen assembly box _ cold assembly box only can use the power is connected, without any other peripherals, without wearing parts and consumables, safe, reliable and low cost.

product features: 1, using PT100 temperature sensor has high precision, microcomputer temperature control, multiple alarm protection;

2, USES the original refrigeration system and single stage compressor refrigeration technology;

3, the trumpets mix refrigerating agent;

4, horizontal top open the door, power balance self-locking hinge, open easily.

5, inside and outside the two-door design and multiple seal, fight cold air leakage;

6, efficient professional low temperature stage compressor, refrigeration rapid strong;

7, the system is equipped with safety protection device, ensure safe and reliable operation system;

8, ultra low noise design, product not more than 55 decibels noise;

9, universal casters design, mobile convenience.

customer success: is a great pleasure for glass machinery, plastic machinery, electrical, mechanical and electrical industry to provide bearing cooler part of the manufacturer.

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