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Basic operation methods and common sense of ice maker

Bingquan ice machine has a professional refrigeration team, modern business philosophy, efficient and orderly management mode, and self-innovation. Bingquan ice machines with a daily output of 20kg to 60 tons per day are used in the world's aquatic products and meat processing, poultry slaughter, catering, leather manufacturing, supermarkets, chemical dyes, mines, concrete buildings, medical equipment, ocean fishing, artificial ski resorts and other industries. Play an important role.

Always adhering to the 'customer-oriented' business philosophy, strictly controlling the production process, and constantly innovating, in order to create a sophisticated ice machine brand through diversified products, excellent quality, and trustworthy services.

Basic operation method of cbfi ice machine

(1)Turn on

Turn on the water source, put the main power switch in the ON position, and the machine starts to work: machine setting There is a delay device, that is, the reducer, compressor and other components are started 3 minutes after the power is turned on. During this period, the red light (LED) indicating the high condensation temperature flashes (that is, the 3-minute delay). The first batch of snow ice falls into the refrigerator about 3 minutes after the compressor is started, and the ice will be released normally after 10 minutes, producing hard ice cubes. (2) Shut down and turn off the main power switch, and the machine stops working. Every time it restarts, the machine will start to run automatically after a delay of 3 minutes. (3) Indicator light description The five indicator lights of the cbfi ice machine monitor the following conditions respectively: green light on: the machine is energized; yellow light on: the refrigerator is full of ice, when the ice is removed 10 seconds, the machine automatically resumes work; yellow light is on : The water tank is short of water, and the machine automatically resumes work 10 seconds after the water comes in; red light is on: the condenser temperature is too high or the ambient temperature is too low; the red light is flashing: the 3-minute delay state (normal) when the machine is turned on; the red light On: the ice drill is turning wrong or the speed is lower than 850.rPm; red light is flashing: the evaporator temperature is high: that is, the evaporating temperature has not dropped below -1℃ after 10 minutes of starting; Note: 1. Reasons for the high condenser temperature : The fan does not work; the condenser is blocked; the condensation temperature sensor or the PC board is damaged. The ambient temperature is too high. 2. Reasons for high evaporating temperature: refrigerant shortage; condensing temperature is too high; evaporating temperature sensor or P.C board is damaged. (4)Reset key description When the machine stops working due to the start of the safety device, such as restarting the machine, you need to determine the cause of the fault and eliminate the fault, and then press the reset button (RESET) or set the main power switch to OFF. Set the ON position to the ON position.
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