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Basic knowledge and precautions for cold storage installation


  The cold storage is relatively low-temperature refrigeration equipment. It is very important to the installation process and requirements. There can be no sloppy and slack. The saying goes: 'three-point quality, seven-point installationAs far as people are concerned, this sentence is the most tangible. Inadequate installation technology will cause many problems and failures, and even increase the cost of use linearly, and greatly reduce the life of the equipment. Because of this, the installation and construction are also painful for the entire industry.

   Assembling cold storage panels Assembling cold storage panels is the first step in the construction of the cold storage. Because of the uneven ground during the assembly, the warehouse boards should be partially leveled because the cold storage floor is relatively large. The flatness is very flat, but the flatness is only relative, and there are some uneven areas. At this time, you can find some small pieces of wood or bricks to level up, so that the gap of the library is as small as possible, and the top must be aligned and flat, so as to facilitate the top of the library. Cover tightly to increase the degree of sealing. A utility knife should be used to cut off the protruding foam residue between the library board and the library board. The protective film on the side of the library board should be scratched off by one centimeter and peeled off to help the firmness and tightness of the sealant. After the board is assembled, the protective film on the cold storage board should be torn off to facilitate the heat conduction and exchange of the cold storage board. For low-temperature storage or ultra-low temperature storage, it is necessary to apply a sealing glue between the gaps between the two plates to make the insulation performance more superior and reliable. After the overall assembly is completed, all natural seams should be filled with sealant to ensure fullness and fullness, and every detail can increase the heat preservation performance and be more superior.  Cold storage circuit and automatic control  cold storage work, combined with automatic control, is more convenient to operate and sustainable. With the overall maturity of the refrigeration industry, automation control is becoming more and more humane, from the initial conversion control-automatic control-single-chip control-digital intelligent man-machine control-visualization, SMS, telephone reminder control, etc. Intelligent automation becomes the mainstream of the future market. The electric wire should choose the national standard standard, because the cold storage is a high-energy-consuming equipment, and the electric wire is used as the road carrying the power input and output. The national standard can ensure the stable and safe performance of the long-term use of the line. When purchasing, you can choose regular manufacturers and sellers to ensure the cold storage. The stability of the installation. When the wires are installed, in accordance with the standards of electrical engineering requirements, make the hidden hidden wires. The horizontal and vertical people are never sloppy. The terminals are insulated, the joints are crimped with copper sheets, and then the terminals are connected. The wires are used. The cable ties should be tied neatly, and try not to run the open wires if you walk in the dark.    Cold storage considerations The refrigeration system is an important factor in the refrigeration performance of the cold storage, and special attention should be paid during operation, which is related to the overall refrigeration performance and energy consumption indicators.   1. When the copper pipe is welded, clean the oxide in the system in time, and flush it with nitrogen if necessary, otherwise the oxide will enter the compressor and the oil, causing partial blockage.   2. Insulation should be wrapped with 2 cm thick insulation cotton to ensure the cooling of the refrigerant during operation in the indoor and outdoor connection system, resulting in the loss of part of the cold energy and the loss of electrical energy.  3. The wires should be separated from the same or different lines with the pipeline with PVC sleeves to protect the insulation of the wires, rodent damage and personal safety.  4. The refrigerant should be of higher purity. The evaporating temperature of the high-purity refrigerant is on average 2-3 degrees lower than the evaporating temperature of ordinary refrigeration. It is generally feasible to use branded refrigerants.   5. Fire prevention work must be done for welding. Fire extinguishers and tap water must be prepared before welding. Fire prevention awareness must be high. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous, and there is no need to regret it.   6. After the refrigeration system is completed, at least 48 hours of pressure maintenance work to ensure that the refrigeration system of the cold storage is 100% leak-free, which will save a lot of trouble.

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