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Basic information of ice machine refrigeration cycle

The basic information of the refrigeration cycle of the ice maker The vapor compression refrigeration cycle used for the laboratory cbfi ice machine is the same as the vapor compression refrigeration cycle used for the air conditioner, refrigerator or freezer. It is based on the scientific principles of thermodynamics, which explains the heat transfer in the evaporation process. When a coolant (such as a refrigerant) changes from a liquid to a gas, it can absorb the surrounding heat during the conversion process. The coolant then releases heat as it changes back to liquid. The refrigeration system has four main components to facilitate the transfer of heat through the coolant. These components are: Compressor-Compresses the coolant and converts it into high temperature and high pressure gas Condenser-A set of coils on the outside (or nearby) of the equipment, when the coolant is converted to high water pressure, it will dissipate the expansion water Valve-also called water inlet valve-releases the pressure on the coolant, converts it into steam again and lowers the temperature of the coolant. Evaporator-another set of heat exchange pipes inside the device to cool the inside of the device
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