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Bakery food ice machine

★ Bread food: in the food fermentation industry of the bread processing and wine industry. The huge heat generated during the production process requires the use of flake ice for temperature adjustment to ensure product quality. Temperature controlled fermentation is to artificially use refrigeration to control the temperature below the normal fermentation temperature to obtain the desired quality. During the fermentation period in the brewing process, due to the internal biochemical effects of the mash, the product temperature is relatively high. In order to maintain the lasting vitality of the yeast and create a suitable fermentation temperature, the fermentation temperature should not be too high and the time should not be too long, so it should be strictly controlled The fermentation temperature and time keep the final product temperature of the main fermentation at 25°C. The post-fermentation stage is mainly to complete the remaining starch and continue saccharification and fermentation, interaction and coordination of various components, and improvement of non-microbial stability. At this time, due to the low heat production, the product temperature is generally not too high, but the product temperature should be controlled below 15 ℃ to promote the maturity of the wine, and quickly cool to 2 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ after decoction. ★ Humanized concept: Built-in microcomputer control system, simple operation interface, let you operate the equipment with a simple effort. The fault intelligent display system makes it easy to eliminate the fault problem. ★ Non-condensing flake ice: It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional flake ice that is easy to agglomerate and has many powders. It can be stored in the ice store for up to three days without condensing or melting. The evaporator adopts a vertical type, high efficiency and energy saving. R404A, the safety performance is more reliable. ★Stainless steel structure: 304 stainless steel structure is used inside and outside the ice bucket, and 304 stainless steel structure inside and outside the ice storage room, which is more beautiful and generous. The large area evaporation technology of stainless steel ice bucket has been in a leading position at home and abroad. ★ Design life: The core component ice bucket is carefully designed and crafted by the company's scientific research personnel. The only independent intellectual property in the industry. The main parts are adopted from European and American countries. The overall life of the flake industrial ice maker is greatly improved, and the design life is as high as 12-15 years. ★ Service advantages: There are offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Fuzhou, etc., and the faults shall be eliminated on the same day in Guangdong Province, and the faults shall be eliminated within 24 hours in China. ★ Technical parameters: Operating environment temperature range -5℃~40℃, standard environment temperature 25℃, water temperature 18℃; evaporation temperature -25℃, flake ice temperature -8℃, flake ice thickness 1.8mm-2.5mm; power supply 3 phases 4 wires/380V/50HZ, environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A.
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