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The ice rake system is generally used in conjunction with ice making equipment and installed in the ice storage cold storage. It can effectively use space to store ice. When a large amount of ice is needed in a short time, the ice storage cold storage can automatically deliver ice to meet the demand for ice.

Main Features
1. The ice rake machine adopts modular design, which is easy to assemble and maintain; the parts are processed by CNC machine tools with high precision and avoid welding defects.
2. Using high-precision bearings imported from Japan, the mechanism runs smoothly and has long service life.
3. One key to start the ice storage mode. After the ice cubes fall into the ice storage, the ice rake automatically runs according to the signal instructions provided by the sensor, and automatically stops when the ice storage reaches the maximum.
4. One-button start of the ice release mode, the ice blocking door opens automatically, the ice rake runs automatically according to the signal instruction provided by the sensor, and automatically stops after the ice output is completed, and the ice blocking door returns to its position.
5. Smart electric control screen, simple and easy to use.
6. Monitoring equipment is installed in the cold storage, which can check the working conditions of the equipment in real time, which is convenient for maintenance and management and safe production.

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Ice rake system maintenance supplement


Before starting, the total power switch and control power switch must be turnedon for more than 8 hours. The oil heater will heat the compressor oil to 45-50 ° C toallow the refrigerant in the compressor oil to be fully gasified to prevent machinewear or liquid shock to the compressor to affect the service life of the compressor.Especially after oil replacement or power-off time is relatively long case, beforestarting the unit must preheat the compressor oil.


As the air compressor running, the process of inhalation of air into the air tank,the water residue in atmosphere get in the gas tank will lead to reduced storagecapacity of gas. Therefore, we need to unscrew the drain at the bottom of the tankevery week. Note that we need to drain the tank when it is necessary to cut off powerfor the air compressor and relived the gas tank. After draining the water, we need toclose the tank drain valve and the relief valve to reconnect power for the aircompressor. And after air compressor fulfilled with gas, we can start harvesting ice.Otherwise, it is easy to lead to lift the door open for too long, triggering the unit toenhance the door limit switch protection alarm.


The ice rake system requires regular maintenance, including ice rake (ice raketrack, rotating bearing, turntable and chain, etc.) and lifting devices (lifting wire ropeand chain) need to be regularly lubricated with oil. Otherwise, these devices wearmore seriously, greatly reduced the service life.


During the process of making and harvesting ice, we must pay attention towhether there is deformation of ice rake. If the ice rake deformation is serious, pleasestop the machine running, remove the ice rake deformation failure, replace the newice rake.


Check the ice rake is deformed, if the ice rake has been deformed, please identifythe cause of ice rake deformation, remove the ice rake deformation failure. If the icerake is serious, replace the new ice rake.

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