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Attention the shopkeepers! Commercial ice machine selection guide

is now an indispensable commercial refrigeration equipment in bars, water bars, and beverage shops. The ice maker is divided into household and commercial. The equipment of the household ice maker is small, equivalent to a household rice cooker, and the 24H output is about 15kg, which is very suitable for household use. For example: The most common is the bullet ice machine. Of course, ice machine equipment is very common in water bars (drink shops), bars, western restaurants, hotels, large supermarkets and other stores, and it is also one of the indispensable refrigeration equipment. Application in the water bar (beverage shop): The water bar handles a variety of drinks, ice products and hot drinks. Usually, mass-produced ice making equipment is required when making cold drinks. Usually small cube ice machines, undercounter ice machines, automatic ice dispensers, desktop ice machines and high-end split ice machines are very suitable for use in beverage shops such as water bars. A combination of equipment is used to make delicious drinks. Note: In addition to the automatic ice dispenser, other large ice machines usually require an additional wall breaker to make the ice cubes become small-sized crushed ice. Application in the bar: the bar’s cocktail feature, you can use a variety of ice cubes to increase the beauty of the cocktail. Because of the variety of ice cubes used, you need to choose one or two or three when choosing ice making equipment. All kinds of ice machines are used at the same time. Usually there are large and small cube ice makers, spherical ice makers, moon ice makers, snowflake ice makers, work bench ice makers, etc. Among them, the cube ice maker is an indispensable equipment, as well as the spherical ice maker and the moon ice maker. According to the actual situation of each store, choose the ice cube equipment suitable for your own store. Application in western restaurants and hotels: the application of ice machines in standard western restaurants and hotel kitchens is also very important. Usually Japanese and Western food and other restaurants, as well as the back kitchen of the hotel, rarely cook over an open fire, and most of them are made cold. Therefore, in order to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, it is necessary to use ice-making equipment to produce a large amount of ice cubes to keep the gourmet ingredients fresh for guests. The commonly used ice making equipment includes several types of ice making machines such as snowflake ice making machines, large flake ice making machines, and ice crushers. Application in large supermarkets: The place where ice making equipment is used in supermarkets is the most common. Usually used as fresh seafood aquatic products. Usually in cold fresh meat and seafood products, you can see all kinds of meat placed on crushed ice or flake ice table to keep fresh. The ice-making equipment usually used in supermarkets are large-scale flake ice machines and ice crushers, which are water-cooled ice-making equipment. In various food industries and retail industries, commercial ice packing machines equipment is a commonly used and indispensable equipment. In a market with various commercial equipment, it is necessary to understand and consider more when choosing the right equipment. Buy later.
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