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Artificial sun magnetic confinement

Magnetic confinement fusion research in China mainly concentrated in chengdu southwest of nuclear physics research institute and the institute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After a long period of accumulation, fusion research has achieved great progress. Institute of plasma physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences of the HT - 7 u superconducting tokamak device is built in the 1990 s, HT - Built 7 u superconducting tokamak device makes China become the fourth after Russia, France and Japan have such Settings. In the superconducting tokamak device, superconductor materials for Nb - commonly Ti or Bb3 - Sn, it USES the water cooling or forced flow cooling, cooling medium for liquid helium, engineering temperature in 4. About 5 k. In order to reduce operation cost, low temperature superconducting magnet system must be 4 down as much as possible. About 5 k temperature regions heat load. Magnet system static heat load at low temperature is mainly composed of three kinds of heat conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer way passed; For low temperature superconducting device, due to its high vacuum conditions and special supporting structure, solid heat conduction and thermal conductive residual gas is generally small, so the radiation heat is one of the most main in low temperature superconducting device heat load. To effectively reduce the heat load of superconducting magnet in the superconducting tokamak device, usually in the superconducting magnet and the vacuum chamber and between the superconducting magnet and the dewar vacuum set have theater, theater helium cooled by liquid nitrogen or cold.

since 2000, experts in HT - in China , on the basis of the 7 u began to build another larger code-named EAST of a new generation of full superconducting non-circular cross-section tokamak device. This is the first generation called HT - China 7 u tokamak device upgrade as HT - 7 u upgrade, EAST can make plasma steady running time amounting to more than 16 min to temperatures above one hundred million degrees, once & other; Throughout EAST superconducting tokamak &; The success of the experimental area, EAST China will be the world's first built superconducting nuclear device, then China will have the world's first & other; Artificial sun & throughout;
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