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Application of ice maker in commercial cold drinks

The ice cubes produced by the ice making mechanism are crystal clear, beautiful, clean and hygienic, and are suitable for beverage preparation, decoration, and food preservation. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, cold drinks shops, convenience stores and other places where ice is needed. The application of commercial cold drinks is the most common application of commercial ice making machines. Generally, edible ice is used to make ice with tap water or bottled water that meets national standards. For example, in summer, people are used to adding ice cubes to beverages to cool off the heat. 1. The application of ice machines in bars. Bars are one of the most popular entertainment venues for young people. The bar provides a wealth of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, foreign wine, and cocktails. Band or singer, professional dance team performances will be provided on site. The hot atmosphere and the alcohol drink with ice cubes make people forget the troubles and pressure. Usually the bar will be equipped with a 500kg-2000kg Tube Ice Machine. 2. The application of ice machines in milk tea shops. Milk tea shops and beverage shops can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of our country. Cold drinks have become an indispensable consumer product. In summer, people like to order a drink and add ice cubes to cool off and chat. Usually milk tea shops will be equipped with a 50-1000 kg ice maker. 3. The ice maker is used for cold drinks at home. With the improvement of people’s living standards, many families will be equipped with a 20kg/day mini ice maker for cooking in the kitchen, cold drinks in summer, making soy milk, juice and adding ice cubes to cool off the heat. It can also increase the taste, etc., making it an indispensable home appliance for family gatherings with friends and relatives. Ice machines are also used in places such as bars, restaurants and convenience stores.
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