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Application of flake ice machine in the field of seafood and aquatic products in supermarkets

Application of flake ice machine in the field of seafood and aquatic products in supermarkets    Usually supermarkets will be equipped with a flake ice machine with a daily output of 300 kg-3 tons. Whether the supermarket is equipped with a flake ice machine reflects the overall strength and fresh quality of the supermarket. What are the applications of supermarket flake ice machines in the market? 1. Fresh retail meat, seafood and vegetables in the vegetable market: Fresh food in the vegetable market is more abundant than supermarkets. There are usually many seafood, fresh meat, frozen products and vegetables to keep fresh. If there is no borneol to keep fresh, especially The high temperature in summer makes it easy to breed bacteria and become stale. The usual method is: first spread a layer of 50-100mm flake ice on the stall, then build a circle of ice wall with a height of 50-100mm around the stall, and then put the fresh food into the ice wall. The open environment of the vegetable market is relatively high and the ice flakes melt faster. Therefore, the purchase of a flake industrial ice maker requires a continuous ice production and stable performance flake ice machine. The vegetable market will generally be equipped with 1 ton-10 ton small and medium-sized flake ice machines to ensure Each stall has ice for use.  Second, the application of supermarket hotel cafeteria in the preservation of seafood and aquatic products:    supermarket hotel cafeteria’s fresh seafood, aquatic products, chicken, duck, fresh vegetables, etc. need to be refrigerated with ice flakes to keep them fresh. The usual method is: spread ice flakes in the ice platform, and then spread the fresh ice flakes on the ice flakes, which can not only keep fresh but also make it convenient for consumers to purchase. Usually, supermarkets are generally equipped with 0.3 to 3 tons of flake ice machines. There is a large demand for ice in supermarkets, and some are equipped with medium-sized flake ice machines of 2 tons-5 tons.   flake ice machine is widely used in the preservation and display of seafood, fresh meat and vegetables. Because the surface of the flake ice is dry and slippery, there is no damage to the surface of the fresh product, which maintains the air permeability of the lower fresh product, also ensures the original taste of the product, and also prevents the weight loss caused by dehydration and hypoxia.
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