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Another kind of cooling method

Two days before the master in the workshop to do a FD - 18 of the lyophilizer, I found that he only took a compressor is used in the board, and the double plate in gas path. That I couldn't find my bearings, because in my understanding if use board in only two cases: one is a compressor, but the plate is in the gas path side waterway, this plate for use in cold water machine, another is in a two stage refrigeration system, that is to use two stage compressor. I didn't delve into why this is.

it was not until yesterday, the FD - Machine 18 at the time of commissioning and I saw in the past, another strange thing again in appear on this machine, it USES two kinds of refrigerants. Then I ask to do the master of the machine, he told me the reason. In one of two kinds of refrigerants was to board in cooling, and the other a refrigeration system is really to cold trap ( Cold equipment) Cool down. Because the requirements of the machine is to minus 60 degrees, and the first kind of refrigerant to the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees or so, which is reduced the board in the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees, and then plate change can act as a secondary industrial ice machine condenser, so that it can be very good cooling effect. Is the reason for this is because the secondary industrial ice machine is very tall to the requirement of the condenser, with common used air-cooled condenser is not needed to achieve the secondary industrial ice machine condensation effect.

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