The ball ice machine manufactured by CBFT has various models with a daily capacity of 240 pieces, 480 pieces, 960 pieces, 1440 pieces, 2880 pieces, etc. And ice diameters of 55 mm and 70 mm are optional, and other diameters can be customized. This ball ice machine produces ball ice and can be tailored according to the customer's requirements. As an integral part of our refrigeration system, each part of it is tested before shipment. And we ensure fresh water is used in each cycle so that the highest quality ice is produced.

The ice crusher is indispensable machine that is used to crush the large ice block into small pieces. It is an ancillary equipment that is normally used with the block ice machine, bag ice machine, plate ice machine, etc.for fishery preservation.  The ice crusher is designed for different ice molds of ice cube machines and can be offered with a variety of sizes.

The water filter is highly compatible and can be used with all the refrigeration machines in our factory. It can be used as a high-performance water purification machine that is used to purify the water to make sure that the ice made from water is highly hygienic and meets food-grade cleanliness.

The automatic packing machine that CBFT produces can be used for automatic bag making, weighing, bagging, sealing and coding.

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